Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sinful Colors - Decem-brrr

Hi guys. Hope you all are getting along alright. Its been kinda a crazy week in this country, hasn't it? I'm not one to talk politics, but to say I'm unhappy odd an understatement. I'm scared for our country.  But I don't want to get into it...I'm sure we're all tired of hearing about it.

So I was at Walgreens the other day and happened upon what I'm assuming is a new Sinful Colors display. I honestly don't know anymore what's out there. I haven't checked blogger in forever! Anyways, this color, Decem-brrr jumped out at me. It basically threw itself into my cart ( daughter threw it into my cart when I handed it to her...). I haven't had strong feelings about s polish like this in a long time.

So I applied it last night. First coat was super sheer...I'm like "ok....this Will be banging by the next coat" (do people still say that? Our does that age me? ) So I apply the second coat and nothing literally looks like I did nothing? What.the.fuck? I ain't got time for three coat polishes!! So the third coat I applied super thick...and it's still sheer. 😕😕😕

I just can't with this polish. I had such high hopes. It's so stunning in the bottle, it's really a shame. Its weird too, it's super blue shimmer in your bottle but turns purple jelly,  shimmer on the nail. Weird.

I mean, it's still pretty, but in sunlight, like below, you can see how sheer it really is. And also how purple it looks. Again....really effing weird.

Bottle shot, because why not? You can sorta see the magic I saw in the bottle....but to me, it wasn't worth it. I've never been do disappointed from a polish before. 😞

ETA: if this polish couldn't be anymore of a also stained my nails a lovely orange. 😕😕😕

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