Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Formula X - Artemis

Hi friends! Hope you guys are doing well. Can I first say how much I effing hate writing posts from my phone? But I can't use a computer anymore without a toddler driving me bonkers the minute I pull it out, so instead I'm writing this post from my phone while she sticks a million little Sophia The First stickers everywhere. Lol

So I stopped into Sephora yesterday to pick up my birthday reward (yay for turning 34!), and I did a little shopping. I happened to pick up the new Gwen Stefani UD palette for $25! It's pretty awesome too. Anyways, I saw these new Formula X polishes that are all named after Greek goddesses. I love Greek mythology so I kinda want then all but I settled for this one (though I really want Aphrodite too).

Artemis is a scattered holo with white gold metallic flakes. This really, really reminds me of an indie. It's really, similar to KB Shimmer's Diamond (which I am absolutely obsessed with!) but metallic flakes are much finer. It did take three costs but it's completely smooth, while Diamond leaves a little texture to the finish.

And now I know you're wondering about my blue pinky. Funny story, I fell in a wheelbarrow full of horse manure and scraped the base of my nail on something (true story dude!). I don't usually shy away from taking polish off when I have a wound on a finger but for whatever reason, this little wound is super painful to the air and water so it made me cringe to think of the stinging pain of taking polish off with acetone. Hence the one blue nail (which is Orly Royal Navy BTW). Orly Royal Navy actually looks pretty good for being almost a week old! I attribute it to my new favorite base coat from Pro-FX (found at Wal-Mart).

I'm pretty sure I really hate writing posts from my phone.....blogger keeps wanting to center all my writing and it's starting to hurt my brain.

Well kudos to you for getting through this while post! What do you think of my new fashion trend of the blue pinky? Lol

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