Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Hungry Asian - Secrets

Hi guys!  Long time no see!  Thanks for all the sweet comments yesterday!  The last two days have been "good" days, so I hope that I've turned the corner and maybe my motivation comes back.

I received a surprise package in the mail from Kae with three of her polishes!  Talk about fun surprise!  She had a sign up for bloggers like a year ago, and I completely forgot about it till I got an email saying she had sent me a package!

The first polish I wanted to try was Secrets.  Secrets is a purple (much more grape than my pictures portray) polish with a scattered holo effect, and....the secret of this polish, red glitter!  Secrets has a great formula.  I had no issues.  And the red glitter is much more evident IRL.

Lookit all that red glittah!

I tried to show some of the holo, but it's hard when we don't have any sun in Seattle!

Mmm....so purdy!  I love it!

I have a couple more to show you if I can get off my lazy ass and do some serious blogging!

**sent for review purposes 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Girly Bits - OVbunEN and an exciting announcement!

Hey guys!  I know, I'm a super bad blogger, but my motivation is so low right now.  BUT, I do have an exciting announcement (to me at least!)  if you want to scroll down further.

(So sad that I get better pics from my Galaxy S3.....and I'M SORRY ABOUT MY CUTICLES!  YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!  Please don't unfollow me!  This winter has not been good on my skin!)

This is Girly Bits OVbunEN.  I'm sorry, but the name is just too cute!  It reminds me of Cirque's Lullaby or a pastel version of Cirque's XX.  There's so much going on in here I couldn't possibly list it all!  First off, it's a clear base with micro holo glitter.  It also has two sizes of blue hexes, light blue hexes in two sizes and mini squares, two sizes of light pink hexes and circle glitter, two sizes of a darker pink (leaning purple) hexes, two sizes of white hexes (I think??)  and the surprise of two sizes of pastel yellow hexes and holo diamond glitter.  I swear there's so iridescent glitter in here, but it doesn't seem to want to catch my eye (but, ah ha!  I knew I was right!  There's iridescent bar glitter which you can see in some of these pics).  The pastel yellow glitter was a surprise.  I thought it was white.

These next two pics are from my actual camera, I mean come on!  Effin camera!!

I applied one coat over OPI's My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  I did a sort of dab/stroke technique, and found it worked well.  This is so glitter dense you could end up with way too much on your nails, so thin coats are a must.  I did find the glitter liked to piggyback on each other if too much was applied.  I think this would be a great polish to use for a glitter sandwich.  Reminds me a bit of DL Glitter in the Air.

And I totally feel like Rach cause I found a polish that has something to do with my big announcement!  (In case your wondering, Rach is great at picking a polish that has something to do with a series premiere, or a movie or band she's going to see).  I might have also bought this polish just for this big announcement because.......


Sorry, I might be a wee bit excited!

I'm at 13 weeks today.  We found out on Dec 18th, and decided to tell our families for Christmas/Christmas Eve.  We even got the reactions on video.  His family's reaction was super awkward....about 10 minutes of uncomfortable awkwardness cause NOBODY got it (we wrapped up a "grandpa" type present).  But my mom got it in less than two seconds and it was instant tears from her.

Anyways, I actually wore this polish for a dinner outing with my cousins to surprise them with the news.

This is obviously the reason for my abscense of late.  I have no energy or motivation for much of anything besides laying on the couch.  Though, yesterday, I actually enjoyed my first cup of coffee for the first time in 2 months!  That was exciting!

Anyways, I hope you all have a great day, and like I am leaving a lot of my first trimester symptoms behind me, and hopefully I will be posting more!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Finger Paints - Rockin' Renaissance

Hey guys!  Sorry for my erratic posting, things are a bit crazy here, and I don't see me having a regular posting schedule for a while.

How bout them Hawks?!?  I'm not a football person, I've tried to have my football crazy fiance explain it to me, but he gets frustrated with me, cause I apparently ask stupid questions....dude, I don't know what a punt is, that's why I'm asking! LOL!  Though I now think I understand the whole downs thing....no thanks to him!  Anyways, I couldn't help but enjoy the game, and even I could see the Bronco's weren't on their game last night.  Anywho....

Finger Paints has completely redone their line, and have added a ton of new polishes.  In their display are a bunch of unlabeled textured polishes.  I picked up two, and this is one of them.  This is Rockin' Renaissance, and it's awesome!  It's raisin texture with TONS of huge golden flakes in it, reminiscent of FP Golden Kisses (which I SWEAR I've posted before, but haven't, will have to soon, cause it's awesome).  You can see the gold flakes in the last pic, they were shy in natural light.