Monday, November 25, 2013

Sally Hansen - Sugar Shimmer in Sugar Plum

Hope you all are having a fantastic Monday.  I'm doing a little cleaning with a LOT of The Tudors.  Don't ask me why I haven't gotten into till now.  I think some of it is the fact I just finished Steve Barry's The Kings Deception which is about Queen Elizabeth being a man....A MAN I tell you!  Anywhoo.....I guess it's better than playing ACIV all day, right?

I was strolling through Fred Meyer's the other day, when I laid eyes on the new Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer's.  And lo and behold, they were B2G1F.  I think the difference between the Sugar Coat's and the Sugar Shimmer is the addition of shimmer in, well, the shimmers, lol.

The first one I chose to wear was Sugar Plum.  It's a medium pink with TONS of gold shimmer.  Very, very pretty!  I can't say I've seen shimmer in a textured polish before, but I think I like it!  This might be the first texture I've actually wanted to cover with topcoat. 

This tone of pink was very flattering on my skin tone.  Though I will say it's a bit "mature" for me....I still enjoy it.

I did end up wearing three coats, as two was a bit too sheer.  It was easy to apply, and dried fast (for a texture).

Anyone else excited for Thanksgiving?  Thanksgiving is actually one of my favorite holidays.  I think it has something to do with the food.....and lord knows how much I LOVE food!! : )

I'm going to be making this dish again this year.  It turned out so freaking amazing last year.  Seriously, y'all should make it!  And because I love the Pioneer Woman, I'm going to try this one as well!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Finger Paints - Spell Binding

Happy Monday!  Back to the ol' work grind....unless of course you get Monday's me! : )

Did y'all know that Finger Paints makes textures now?!?  Nether did I, till I got this polish, and I had NO idea it was textured till I applied it.  I can't even recall what the other colors looked like in this collection, except that this is the only one I wanted....and I didn't even want it that much.  But I ended up liking it more than I thought I would.

This is Finger Paints Spell Binding, and I think it's apparent why I wanted this one right?  Lookit all those multi colored glitters!?!  Like I said, I had NO idea this was textured till it dried down, doh!

I ended up really liking this color, and it the perfect Christmas red.  I kinda wish there would be a texture in ever color with this multi colored glitter!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

China Glaze - Goldie but Goodie

Hiya friends.  I apologize for my inconsistent and random posts.  I feel kinda out of this whole blogging thing, and I feel like I've let it slip a bit.  I'm still polishing my nails everyday (it is my stress reliever in this roller coaster I call my life), but I'm not like "lighting's perfect, I can take my 20 nail pics now", "I have to show everyone this polish", and then not to mention actual WRITING posts.  You guys have no idea how long it actually takes me to write a post.  I mean HOURS sometimes on a simple post.  I get so super distracted.

Gosh!  Anyways!!

These are super old pics....I had the long square nails (which by the way, I couldn't handle long round nails, so they are now just past my tips and square again!  Ugg, I HATE shaping my nails!).  I believe this is the only ChG polish I bought from the fall collection, and I'm glad I did.

This is Goldie but Goodie, and it was SUPER flattering.  In natural light it looked more like a taupe-y bronze, but shone much more gold in indoor lighting.

I have to laugh, I apparently took these  pics at work, cause in the background is the "Dream Turf" of the dog poop yard at my clinic, lol!

As you can see, much more gold in indoor lighting.  This might be one of those golds that's flattering on a bunch of skintones, cause it's not a yellow, yellow gold.  Ugg, I LOVE it!

Well, I think I've taken enough time from my Assassin's Creed Black Flag to write this post.  Ugg, they sure stepped it up from ACIII.  ACIV is AWESOME!  I didn't even finish I wasn't aware Desmond died, which makes me sad!  BUT Edward is all sorts of sexy pirate!  Gosh I like him so much more than Connor.  There's so much more dimension to his character (sorry Connor, you really had none!).

Anyways.....I leave you with my new favorite song.  I'm kinda embarrassed to admit where I found it.  There I was, having a marathon of Reign episodes, and it popped on.  Reign has some AMAZING music, I just can't help but watch it....and it's history yo!  So that makes the teen drama worth it right?

Gah, I can't stop listening to their album, it's amazeballs!  The singer reminds me of Flo from Florance and the Machine...but a bit more haunted.  

Any thoughts on Reign, ACIV or even just the polish?

See ya!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Glam Polish - It's So Fluffy, I'm Going to Die!

Hi friends!  Hope you all are good, I feel like it's been a minute.  I'm so overwhelmed by my draft folder and I'm trying not to be.  I've actually been opening my Helmer drawers and wearing old favorites again!  It's nice to be unconcerned about wearing untrieds.

The polish I'm showing today is one I've wanted forever.  This is Glam Polish's It's So Fluffy, I'm Going to Die!  Little known fact about me is one of my nicknames at work is Agnes.  If you don't know who Agnes is, then you probably haven't seen Despicable Me, and you wouldn't know what this polish was named after.  Anyways, how could I NOT be Agnes?  She loves unicorns, AND she looks like me! LOL!

This polish is so cute, I can't stand it!  It was super easy to work with, though I hoped that there was a little more glitter on the nail, but that's ok!

I kinda wish I could find a squishy white polish like this without the glitter.

Totally cute right?!?