Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cadillacquer - Keep Breathing

So I wanted to show you the first of my recent indie shopping spree I went on.  I haven't received my first order which I'm really looking forward to, so poo!  There are some great Fall polishes in there.

My Llarowe order came in yesterday, and this is the first one I chose to wear.  This one is Cadillacquer's Keep Breathing from their Dexter collection.  I can't help but feel like NONE of these polishes remind me of Dexter.  I mean, no dusty olive green for Dexter's henley shirts?  Bah!

But whatever, cause this polish is gorgeous!  It's a teal/aqua base with silver and teal shimmer, and 2 different lavender colored hexes.  Sounds great right?  My pics don't do it justice!  But my Galaxy camera kinda does, cause Cadillacquer reposted a pic I posed on Instagram seen here.

As far as the formula goes, it was pretty good, the glitter dispensed evenly, but it was sheer on first coat.  I'm wearing three here, and it was still a little sheer at the tips.

First two pics were taken in my kitchen lighting last night cause it looked amazing and shiny!  But the following pics super suck, so boo for that!

 You guys have any thoughts on this collection?  Does it channel Dexter?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nails Inc - Knightsbridge Road

Heya guys!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was pretty chill.  My guy and I ended up plowing through the remainder of Fringe and not only watching the series finale of that, but also stayed up late to watch the finale of Dexter!  I cried like a baby at the end of Fringe.  I *LOVE* Walter Bishop it's not even funny!  When he told Astrid she had a beautiful name?  Tears!!  When Peter said "I love you, Dad".  I lost it!  I'm going to miss Walter!

As far as Dexter goes, I think it ended the way it should have.  *Spoilers  I like that they didn't kill Dexter off, and gave him the harder choice of leaving his son and Hannah behind.  Deb's death made me really sad though.  But I think it was the catalyst behind the decision Dexter made. Anyways...

I also did LOTS of damage to my bank account. I bought a bunch of indies.  And for someone like me who doesn't buy a lot of indies, buying 7 in one day is A LOT!  I can't wait to get em!

In the mean time, feast your eyes on this.  I was at Sephora yesterday picking up Illamasqua Raindrops (!!), and ran across a bunch of new Nails Inc. polishes.  This was the only one I picked up, but could have easily picked up all of these galaxy polishes!

This is Nails Inc Knightsbridge Road from their Galaxy line.  There was 3 or 4 other polishes from this line there as well.  Knightsbridge Road is an awesome mix of heavy gold shimmer, large fuschia hexes with smaller purple, green and holo hexes.

I wore two coats over Zoya Ziv.  But I bet I could have worn it by itself.  I had also tried it over a dark color, and it looked pretty neat, so I might try wearing it that way next time.

It's like mardi gras on my nails yo!

And because I love sharing funny Youtube video's with y'all, check this one out.  I die, it's so funny!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Finger Paints - Our Tips are Tealed

Hi guys!!  First off, I have to say I don't understand why these pics won't come off color accurate!  And damn, look at how long my nails are again.  I swear I just cut them down super short.  Anywhoo...

This is Finger Paints Our Tips are Tealed from All Lacquered Up's A Pair Affair.  After Rach showed us You Yacht to Know Better I knew I wanted that one.  But when I walked into Sally's and laid my eyes on this one, my heart went pitter patter and I knew I had to have this one too.

This color looks different in different lighting.  It goes from emerald green, to teal, to a really, really bright green.  But it's not a duochrome!  It also has teal glitter throughout which sparkles when the light hits it.  In short, IT.IS.STUNNING!  Definitely a NEED of this collection!

I don't usually like these kinds of colors, and this really makes my skin look yellow, but I dun care!  : )

I urge you guys to see this one in person, cause pics just can't do it justice!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wantable Box Review

Hi guys!  I have a fun review for you today.  I was contacted by *Wantable which is a new to me monthly box subscription.  They are different then other box subscriptions however.  They offer 3 different customizable boxes depending on your preferences (with a bonus Halloween box available now).  They offer a makeup box, along with an accessories and intimates (panties and more) box.  I chose the makeup box.

They ask LOTS of questions to figure out your makeup preferences, because they don't want to include items you won't use.  We all know most subscription boxes include things we will never use!

The box came AMAZINGLY packaged.  It had a layer of eggshell type foam on the bottom, along with another layer of foam, with ANOTHER eggshell layer on the top.  NOTHING in the box was moving.

It also comes with an invoice that tells you the retail price of the items.  On the other side it gives you detailed information on each of the products.

Japonesque Travel Smudger Brush retails for $14.50.  I was excited to see this in the box as I've wanted this brush FOREVER!

29 Cosmetics Reserve Moisturizing Lipstick in Lightly Crushed retails for $25.00.  I've never actually heard of his makeup brand before, but the tube feels really fancy.  It's nice and heavy weight with 29 imprinted on the lid.  I actually really like the color as it's pretty neutral on me.  But man the smell!  Whew!  It smells like old fashioned lipstick and TOTALLY reminds me of middle school when I would steal my moms lipstick.  

Lies Watier Solo Eyeshadow in Vert Cosmique retails for $18.00.  I've never used any cosmetics from this brand before, then again I don't think I've ever seen it sold around here.  I have actually heard of it though.  This product however, was not great.  The pigmentation of this was....not good.  Patchy, and really hard.  Blech. 

Michael Marcus Brow Pencil in Brunette retails for $24.00.  I haven't heard of this brand before ether, but I'm ALWAYS looking for a good prow product.  This product is a little dry, but that's how I like it!  The pencil has a brush on the end, which is always a nice touch.

Jordan Liberty Fake It Lashes in Valley Girl retail for $8.00.  These are really pretty as they are brown lashes which you don't see too often.  I just wish they weren't so long.  I always feel like lashes this long look WAY too fake on me!  But I'll try em!

Skiin Instant Skin Tightener and Line Filler.  This was the only sample item in my box.  First off, can I say I LOVE this sample container?  There's probably a couple uses in this sample, and the lid is made in such a way, when you break this sample open, you can turn the cap around and it will seal it.  Haven't seen this kind of sample before, cool!

Swatches, in case you wanted to see em!

Now, onto the deets.  This box is a bit more expensive than other subscription boxes, but you get 4-6 full size products.  The subscription is $36.00 or you can buy a one time box for $40.00.  And since you take a survey where they specifically ask what products you won't use, you know you will use what they send.  Though I was a bit disappointed that they didn't send any polish when I put it pretty high on my list.  Oh well!

I'm really impressed by this subscription box, but will admit, that it's a bit too pricey for me, though this box retailed for $89.50, what a deal!

If you're interested in sighing up, you can *sign up here.

*referral link
**product sent for review

Ulta's Starry Night

 Hi friends!  I have a fun polish to show you today.  It kinda reminds me of the glitter toppers that came out with the OPI Oz collection.

I'm wearing one coat of Ulta's Starry Night over a couple coats of Color Blast by Orly in Tempting Tea Rose.  Gah, I almost didn't cover it up, I love TTR so much!  It's the lightest of pink's, *almost* white, and absolutely amazing!

Anywho, Starry Night (I'm going to have to try wearing it over a dark color, then maybe the name will make sense!) is clear base glitter with gold and holo hexes and holo micro glitter.  There are also some itsy, bitsy tiny holo bar glitter in there but it's so subtle, I almost missed it. 

The formula was pretty good, a little dab and drag, but what you see is one coat.

This color would make a great jelly sandwich (which I'm not a huge fan of, but I think would look great in a soft color like this). 

Ulta has released a few new colors in this line of theirs, but none of the others really caught my fancy.

Monday, September 16, 2013

China Glaze - Bat My Eyes

 Good morning yo!  Hope y'all had a lovely weekend.  I'm in a creative mood today, and need to stop off at Hobby Lobby.  I want to make my own headband for whenever I actually get married.  Yeah, still no plans!  I also want to make my own fairy garden.  Have you guys seen those?  So cute!!

Anyways, I was excited to find the China Glaze Monster's Ball collection at Ulta yesterday.  No one does Halloween polishes like China Glaze (I'm looking at you OPI....stupid mini bottles!).

The first polish I decided to wear is Bat My Eyes.  OMG I love this polish!  This reminds me of a gold version of OPI's Metallic 4 Life, except I didn't hate it like I did the OPI.  Gah I hated that polish!  I returned it the next day!

Anyways......Bat My Eyes is a black base with gold shimmer, and 2-3 different sizes of gold glitter.  The surprise in this polish is the bar glitter!  I know, I know, bar glitter, but it's fun!  The bar glitter flashes from copper, gold and sometimes bright green!

The formula on this was awesome!  Two easy coats!  China Glaze knows how to do those full coverage glitters.  And with any bar glitter polish, you do have to make sure to push it back from the tip of your nails.  Otherwise you might have some unfortunate accidents! lol

This color reminds me of antique gold!  It also reminds me of my High School colors which were black and gold.

I love glitter with depth!  My thumb nail ended up with the most bar glitter, otherwise it was very subtle.

 Anybody else pick up Halloween polishes already?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

OPI - Your Royal Shyness

Ahh, nothing like a good ol' stinky black label OPI!  Today I'm going to show you one from the OPI Princess Charming Soft Shades collection from '07.  I don't know how many times I've said it, but I went through a period of trying to find the perfect balance between sheer, clean nails look, and this is one of the polishes I bought for that purpose.

This is OPI's Your Royal Shyness (not to be confused with OPI's Your Royal Shineness).  I would describe it as a pinky nude with a pearl finish.  It applied in two easy coats (with the pre ProWide skinny brush no less!).

You can see the finish well in this pic.

Guess what?  I like it!  But then again, there's I haven't met a sheer polish like this that I haven't liked!

Random fact of the day:  I am scared shitless of ET!  Yeah, you read that right!  Ever since I was a kid, ET gives me the heebie jeebies.  I still, to this day, remember seeing this movie in the theater, and standing (not sitting in the seat), with my face plastered over the seat cause I was so scared!  I've tried watching it as an adult, and nope!  Can't do it!  One of the girls I use to work with use to play pranks on me all the time.  One time it involved changing all the screens on the computer to ET wallpaper!  And another included hiding an ET toy in my locker!  That ET toy is still making the rounds at work...some FIVE YEARS later! lol!

So what are your thoughts on this polish?  And tell me a funny random fact about you!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Twinsie Nails with Deborah from Love Varnish

Hey guys!  I have a fun mani to show you guys today!  You might recognize this mani from this post.  I've always wanted to redo this one, when I was able to take better pics.  Well these are definitely better, but not much!  Anyways, I had made a comment to Deborah last week on her post for I <3 NP's Birefringence (**SWOON!!**) that it reminded me of the old Sally Hansen Nail Prisms, and that she should try the multichrome gradient I did, AKA The Most Awesome Gradient Ever!  So she asked if she wanted to do twinsie nails and I said yes!  So that's what you see here!

So please visit Deborah at Love Varnish and check out her multichrome gradient!

In this first pic it just looks like a regular multichrome, but scroll down to be amazed!  As with the first time I wore this, I used Models Own Aqua Violet with Sally Hansen's Nail Prisms in Turquoise Opal at the tips.  Both these colors have the same base color, so at certain angles it doesn't shift at all.  But man, you add the right lighting (which happens to be my bathroom at night for some reason!) and wow, just wow!

You will see some shrinkage which is too bad.  And just when I thought I found my holy grail topcoat (Rica's Glossy Glam), I'm let down again with shrinkage!  Darn!  It's very minimal shrinkage, but it looks like I didn't wrap my tips, which I did!

Aww yeah!  Lookit that!  Yes, this is my bathroom lighting.


Be still my heart!

I tried to do the whole underwater nails pics, but jeepers that's hard to do!  This was the best I could get.

Yup, these were just as epic as I remember them!  And boy if I don't love the smell of these Prisms!  Ahh yeah!  Good ol' chemical nail polish!'s like the aroma of angels to me! lol!  I'm weird!  Anyways, please take a look at what Deborah did, and let me know if you try a multichrome gradient!  See ya!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Spa Ritual - Lithophonic

Hey guys!  Yay!  Tomorrows Friday!  Hope you all have fun plans for the weekend!  I have a great polish to show you today, that you might be able to get your hands on!  And for cheap!

Lately TJ Maxx has been carrying a lot of Spa Ritual polishes, I now have about 10 of them in my collection, and at only $3.99 a pop!  Cool!

This one is called Lithophonic and it's an interesting dirty olive shade with lots of shimmer.  It's actually quite pretty!  It looked different at different angles, but it isn't a duochrome.  Sometimes it looked more brown, and sometimes more green.

I would love to know if you have snagged any Spa Ritual's, and which ones! (I might just be looking for an excuse to make a stop at all the nearby TJ's looking for more hidden gems!)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

RBL - Scrangie 2.0

Hello!  I was so excited to actually get my hands on a hyped about polish without the craziness (I'm looking at you Enchanted Polish!).  I was so happy to see the announcement on IG last week about this being available again, I jumped on that right quick!  When last I looked, it was still available too!

This is Scrangie 2.0.  This is a metallic-y olive base with gold shimmer and blue and copper flecks mixed in.

OH EM GEE right?!?  And to top it off, it applied like butter!

This is my first RBL, and I'm glad I own it!  I only bought one other polish with this order cause $20 bucks a pop is quite a bit for one polish!  There are probably 5 or 6 more that I want though!  Wah!!  I was kinda surprised at how small the bottles seem!  Though they hold more than Butter London's interestingly enough!

Lookit all that gold shimmer!

Were you lucky enough to pick this up?  Gah!  I love it!