Wednesday, July 31, 2013

China Glaze - Sun of a Peach

Hiya!  Gosh I wish I could get back into the blogging, I just find it hard to find motivation.  Work is exhausting, and I'm constantly stressing about my damn dog and cat.  If you remember, last year my cat was diagnosed with intestinal cancer.  He has been good up until a couple days ago when he started having bowel issues (I won't go into details...this is not the place : ) .)  So somebody gets to go to work with me on Friday. 

BUT, on the good side, Harvey has been doing great!  Since camping he has had loads of energy.  He's constantly racing around the house (or shall I call it rambling...moseying?) with his toy, and shoving it in our face to get us to play with him.  He's so cute!  If you follow me on Instagram (and you should!), you might have seen this video of my Harvster swimming.  The last couple of years I haven't let him swim, cause I worry about him getting tired and not being able to swim back to shore, and he has trouble navigating around the big rocks.  Well recently I found a little park that is perfect for my little old man dog.  Actually I didn't find it, I've known about it all along, and we've gone there on a number of occasions, but what use to be a little stream, is now a little pond, thanks to a little dam.  It's no more than 3-3 1/2 feet deep, and the current is very mild.  Lets just say my dog has had a blast!  Nothing makes me happier than my dog happy!

I figure I should show you the rest of these China Glaze neon's as it might be my favorite ChG collection to date.  There, I said it!  These really don't deserve the reputation they have....they aren't draggy holo's people! : )  I've worn them all now (the creme's) and they are totally, completely worth the extra TLC they need.

This one is Sun of a Peach.  That name!! I love it!  I guess this is peach.  Though I would describe it as a neon creamsicle color.  Yup...guess what....I love it!  I used three coats for this one to even out the streaking, and you could still see some streaking on the sides of my nails, but whateve, I still liked it!

Anyone else out there love these colors?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

China Glaze - Neon & On & On

So, I feel bad for these China Glaze Sunsational cremes.  They are getting such a bad rap!  I haven't had any problems with them with the exception of one, and it really wasn't bad, I'll let you know when I get to that one what problems I had.  I'm really glad I didn't pass these up as "boring ol' neon's" like I almost did, cause I absolutely LOVE these.  They are both bright, and pastel at the same's really quite something!

Wow, does this color make my skin look tan!  This is Neon & On & On.  It's a neon coral/pink.  I had a little bit of streaking with this, and it could have used a third coat.  I find you have to use a light hand with the streaky one's, and your fine.

I've used all but one at this point, and couldn't be more happy with these polishes.  I ADORE them!  I even did some nail art (I know, really!) with them which I will show you soon!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Lady Varnishes - A Tree's Love

Hey guys!  Hope you guys had a great weekend.  I just purchased tickets to my first Renaissance Faire! OMG, I am so excited.  Now I know what you're thinking, NO, I am not going to dress up (though, you bet your sweet ass I would if I had an outfit!).  Ahh, I'm so excited!  Ahh, I'm such a dork! : )

I bought more The Lady Varnishes polishes that I'm excited to show you guys.  Kristen also included a couple other polishes I had had my eye on, so that was an awesome bonus!

I had a hard time deciding which color to try first, but I went with A Tree's Love.  I used one coat over OPI's Louvre Me Louvre Me Not which matched well.  A Tree's Love is a deep eggplant purple with periwinkle, violet and fuchsia hexes in different sizes.  There's also a very fine holo shimmer in there reminiscent of ChG Fairy Dust but finer.

Pretty huh?

If you're wondering who this polish is based off of (it's from the How She Sparkles collection which is based off of The Last Unicorn), it's based off this sexy tree below.

Oh tree......

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cirque Lullaby

Gosh darn it!  I need to clear my drafts folder....just opening it makes me groan, cause apparently at some point I must have wanted to show you guys my nails, since I not only took pictures, but took the time to load them into a blog post.  Might as well post!

I can't believe I haven't shown this combo sooner, cause I really loved it.  It's a lovely pastel glitter that's way to complex to even start to describe.  BUT, it does have some star glitter in there, which is always fun!

As the base, I used Zoya's Julie (the Lovely collection is still one of my FAVORITES!  I've worn most of these colors multiple times this year) and and the glitter is Cirque's Lullaby.

Maybe not the most summery combo, but one I loved nonetheless.

(I really need to pick a different finger than my thumb for these close up shots.  Ick, just ick!)

Well BAM!  One down, 25 more drafts to go!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

China Glaze - Highlight of my Summer

Hi guys!  I had the HARDEST time trying to find this collection.  None of the Sally's near me are carrying it (but they are carrying last year's ChG summer neons, WTH?), and all three Ulta's near me, were sold out of the three colors I wanted.  So I broke down and went to the nail supply store I usually find colors that are sold out elsewhere (or they have new collections like the new ChG Feather Finish collection), but even they were sold out of the colors I wanted, so I broke down and bought the 6 pack of the cremes, and I'm glad I did.  Not only was it actually cheaper that way (this nail supply never has prices posted, so I was scared it was going to be like $50), but I realized I wanted all the cremes in this collection, lol!

So first up is the color I wanted the most, Highlight of my Summer.  It's a neon, pastel, pistachio color.  Neon pastel you ask?  Yes, seriously, that's the best description of these colors.  I tried my best to get these color accurate, but I failed....failed I tell you!  This is way more bright than I could capture.

The formula on this was fine.  The PolishAholic seemed to have a lot of issues with her polishes.  I had no difficulty with this one (and Bottoms Up, which is on my toes right now).  While it was a little streaky (really, not bad at all), it was fine at two coats, though a few of my nails on my left hand could have used a third coat.

I heart this color so much, and think it would look great on my tootsies, which I might have to try next.  I'm also super glad I got ALL the cremes, so be on the lookout for those!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Nails Inc Beaded Polish - Belgravia

So....I bought this polish thinking it was a really cool looking milky glitter.  I'm not one for milky glitters ether, so I thought it was interesting it called to me.  Then I took it home, and tried looking up swatches.  I found another Nails Inc with the same name.  Odd!  Then I saw on the label it said "beaded", well sh!t, I don't need anymore textured polish, but I thought I would give it a try.

This one is definitely odd....very odd!  It definitely has larger "bead" type texture, it also has some holo hex glitter in there as well.  It really reminds me of broken seashells.  As an accent, I wore Nails Inc. Noho, which I thought worked well.

If I remember correctly (I wore this over a month ago, so my memory is foggy), this was actually really easy to remove.

I will be completely honest, I hated this when I first applied this, but then it grew on me, which I found really weird.  I don't think I would ever do a full mani with this, but as an accent nail, I like it.

I'm pretty sure A LOT of people hate this, as I did too when I searched for swatches, but its grown on me!  And BTW, this one is SUPER textured, like whoa!

What are your thoughts?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ninja Polish - Pacific Coral

Heya!  I'm back!  I had a great time camping, and our weather was absolutely perfect!  It was pretty hot, but our campsite was perfect, lots of shade during the day.  And Harvey had soooo much fun, and he is the perfect camping dog!  He was acting like he was 10 years old!  He had so much energy, he even went swimming, which he hasn't done in a few years.  It was really sweet, and he was just so happy!  Camping though, was murder on my nails.  I'm not sure what I was thinking going in with long nails.  I cut them down by the second day, and I only painted them once.  Yes, I did bring polish with me.  And in case your wondering, it was BL's Disco Biscuit.

I don't even think I have to say how much I love this color.  I mean, coral AND shimmer?!? Y'all know me! Such beautiful shifting shimmer, from gold to green.  Hell yeah!

This is Ninja Polish Pacific Coral.

Whew, lookit that!

I think I said it before we left, but 4 nights, 5 days was a day too long.  We were all ready do leave a day early. It just ended up being one day too long, and we were all cranky by that last day.  Next time I won't listen to the sister-in-law when she says 4 nights.  But on a plus side, I found it really relaxing, and I got a lot of reading in.  My guy on the other hand said he was really bored.  Not quite sure what he expected, since it is camping!  Oh, and another nice perk was we had no cell reception.  It was actually really, really nice not staring at our phones every 5 minutes!  We're so dependent on them now a days, it was nice to get away from it!

Well I hope you all have had a lovely weekend!  Oh, and look at my new favicon Deborah made for me!  She is so sweet, and I LOVE it!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Guest Post on Stuff I (s)watched

Hey guys!  I did a guest post for Rach of Stuff I (S)watched, so check it out!  And if you don't already follow her, please do!  Cause she is awesome!  I find her blog similar to mine in that she likes to chat about more than just polish (TV shows and movies, hence the blog name!), and I find her incredibly funny, even thought I may not understand her references, lol.  I find myself hanging on her every word!  I find I feel a little stalker-ish cause I will go back and read old posts of hers from before I started following.

And as a bonus, Rach has included the recipe to Angie's Famous Summer Beer (so dubbed yesterday at my 4th of July celebration, its that good!), so Rach, you have no excuse NOT to try it!  Seriously, you'll thank me later!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Hi guys!  In true Northwest fashion, our weather has taken a turn on the 4th of July.  Its almost a tradition that it rain on 7/4 here in the PNW.  We have gone from scorching 95 degree temps to overcast (and I swear it looks like rain) this week.  And I know what y'all are saying, "Well doesn't it rain all the time in Seattle anyway?", no, that's just a nasty rumor!  We actually have really lovely summer's here.  I would honestly be happy with 75 degrees all summer.  I hate the heat and humidity!

(Sorry some of my nails are out of focus, my camera couldn't focus on all my nails at once!)

I didn't do anything really creative for my 4th of July mani.  I wanted to go all out and do some stamping, but I knew I would be stuck with it for two days if I didn't like my stamping (since I'm going out tonight, and won't have time to do my nails before going to work tomorrow).  So I did a simple skittle (or is it skittellette) mani.  Of course I did the good ol' red, white and blue.

I had actually bought Julep America on sale last year, just for this purpose.  My pictures of America don't do it justice, its a really awesome glitter!  You can hardly see them in the pic (cause they are super reflective), but there are silver hexes, two different size blue hexes, with super fine red glitter suspended in a clear base.  Apparently there are also silver stars in here, which I was surprised about when it came out on my other hand.  I can't see them at all in the bottle, so I think there are like two in the whole bottle, lol.

(Not shown, but my thumb is the blue glitter too).

Here are the polishes I used.  From L to R: Sinful Color's Ruby Ruby (can you see the cute little "veil"? One of the girls at work gave it to me.  She had bought a bunch of polish as party favors for a bridal shower, and she glued little veil's, and put a little gem on top.  She gave me a couple she had left over.  BTW, the veil was super in the way while painting my nails! lol), Julep America, China Glaze Glistening Snow, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and Milani Blue Flash (which I just realized, BTW, is a dupe of Butter London's Scallywag!  Wish I had realized that before I bought the BL!).

Hope you all have a safe and fun 4th of July!  We're going over to my cousins house for a cousin get together  (One of my cousins is in from out of town), and we are having a Redneck 'Murrica themed 4th!  Should be fun!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

China Glaze - Astro Hot

Hey guys.  Old swatches here.  I actually only wanted the Strap on Your Moonboots and When Stars Collide from the China Glaze Hologram, but once they started going on clearance at Sally's, I've found I've collected quite a few of them.  So I suggest you check out Sally's if you've been interested in these polishes.

China Glaze Astro Hot.  Whew, this one surprised me.  Its a bright baby pink.  It was actually really bright.

I was surprised this worked so well for my skintone and I love it!  I actually thought this would be similar to all the 20 other pink holo's, but its not.

Anyone else pick these China Glaze Hologram polishes?  Whatcha get?

Monday, July 1, 2013

a-England - Sleeping Palace

Hi all!  I've been running around getting everything ready for camping next week.  There's always so much to do, and things not to forget.  I'm also trying to figure out what I want to do with my nails!  I mean really, I literally do my nails every night.  I don't remember the last time I wore my polish for more than a day.  One of the reason's I do my nails every day is I HATE chips, and it drives me crazy.  And I also get bored easily with what I'm wearing.  What's a girl to do?!?  I have a gel nail kit that I use for my toes, so I have to figure out if I want to do that before we leave, or if I want to bring polish with me in case I get chips...what to do, what to do!!

I wore this polish a few weeks ago (hence the little nubbin nails!), and I really liked it.  This is a-England's Sleeping Palace.  It's a lovely dark mauve/brown scattered holo.  This polish reminds me a bit of China Glaze When Stars Collide

So shiny!

Just like all the other a-England polishes I own, this applied beautifully!  I don't think I've ever heard of anyone having issues with a-England, awesome, awesome polishes!

I hope I can get a couple other posts up before I leave.  And in the mean time, I leave you with this awesome video.

You're welcome!