Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chanel - Taboo

Hey guys!  Hope you all are having a great week.  I'm trying to catch up.  Catch up in life, in blogging, you know, that kinda thing.  Actually, I think life is just a constant catch up sometimes.  At least that's how I feel. Anywho.

I bought this polish like a month ago.  Total splurge for me as I wouldn't normally spend so much on a single polish, but after the first swatches I saw of it, I was smitten.

Oh Chanel Taboo....where have you been my whole life?!?

This polish is so seriously stunning, no joke.  And it changed colors like crazy.  It looked totally different in different lighting.

This is one of those colors I took off, and wanted to apply right away again.

In other news.  I went "ghost hunting" with my cousins this weekend (and if you follow me on IG, you will have seen we had suite tickets to the Mariner's came on Sun!).  We had so much fun!  We went to supposedly haunted places around Seattle, crazy late at night (yay for me staying up past 1:00!).  I'm really, easy to scare.  But I was fine!  One of the places we visited was a garden, which was actually really cool at night, and we really didn't need flash lights.

I'm trying to work up the nerve to go to Maltby Cemetery.  Seriously, look that shit up.  It's crazy scary!  My guy has been there and has told me crazy scary stuff!  I did tell him the only way I'm going there though, is in the middle of the day! LOL!

Actually just driving down the road the cemetery is on gives me the day day!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Epic Clowning Around

Hey guys!  Hope you all are having a great weekend.  Today I'm going to a Mariner's game, and I'm so excited.  I haven't gone to a baseball game in probably 8 or 9 years.  Baseball is the only sport I like (probably cause it's the only one I understand *smiles*).  Anyways, it should be fun, cause....BEER!!  Nothing better than good ol' stadium food and beer.

Anyways, the mani I'm showing today is pretty epic.  This mani combo was making the rounds of IG a couple weeks ago, and it really was epic.

It started with a couple coats of China Glaze Glistening Snow, a coat of Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy (which I forgot was fantasically awesome for a holo glitter) and a good helping of Lush Lacquer Clowning Around.

The "black" glitter you see in these pics is actually the reflectiveness of the holo glitter in Sugar Plum Fairy.

Blurred for your holo pleasure.

Pics just do not do this combo justice.  I suggest you try it for yourself!!

Anyone else try this combo?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

LA Splash - Retro

Hey guys!!  Anybody else excited that Long Island Medium is back on?  I LOVE Theresa!  She's the kinda person I could just hang out with!  She's so fun!

Anyways, this polish I'm showing you today is a stunner.  It came in a package with two other polishes and 4 pots of loose glitter.  I found it at Ross for like $6.99 and got it because one of the glitter pots has neon glitter, and I HAD to pick it up.  The fact that this polish was there definitely helped in the decision as well.

This color is named Retro.  I'm assuming its called Retro cause it's that retro seafoam green color from the....what, 50's?.....60s?.....I just call it mint. lol.

As I started to apply this, I was SHOCKED by the medium size gold glitter.  I didn't expect it at all, I thought it was just gold shimmer in the bottle.

This is a really beautiful polish.  Really, really beautiful.

Anyone else pick up these little LA Splash kits?

Monday, May 20, 2013

China Glaze - When Stars Collide

My challenge for today is to see how quick I can make this post.  I'm tired, a wee bit drunk (mmm....I love me some good beer!), and I really just want to lay in bed and read a book (if you follow me on Instagram (and you should......) I'm reading Dan Brown's Inferno!!).  Now that I think about it, maybe not the best thing to be doing while drunk.  Speaking of which, I'm going to this HUUUUGGGGEEEE warehouse book sale tomorrow.  Apparently they have sell their books for $1.50 per pound!!  In-fucking-sane I tell  you!!  #ilovebooks!!

Man....I should just post this while I'm ahead......

Anyways....everyone's already seen this color....wore it a month ago....I'm pretty sure the formula was regular shit ass holo.  But....hello?!?  Gorgeous!!

Mmm....look at those haggard hangnails.....

Hey, lookee that, looks like there's some duochrome in there!!

Hope you all don't mind a little drunk post from little ol' me!  

If your wondering....the Panty Peeler is deeeellllissshhhh!!  Night y'all!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

NCLA Nail Wrap Review - Aly En Vogue

Hey guys!  I have something a little different today.  Different because I've never tried this kinda product before, and I've always been a little weary.  I was contacted by Nail Polish Canada asking if I wanted to try some of these NCLA Nail Wraps and I jumped at the chance.  I've always wanted to try some, I even have quite a few different sets, but have never worked up the nerve to use them.  Mainly I haven't wanted to try them cause they looks stiff, and lift at the corners, which would drive me bonkers. 

Read on for my thoughts on these!

These are the two I chose: Aly En Vogue (the floral one) and Stephanie's Galaxy.

The kit comes with two sheets of 22 wraps each, a nail file and instructions.

The first one I chose to try was Aly En Vogue.  Each wrap has a different lovely floral design.  I love that it's not all the same design on each wrap.  You can see in a couple pics above that each side has a different color for the chevron (is this a chevron design?).  One side is a nude, and the other is a peachy pink.

Now, for the review.  These were easier than I expected them to be.  BUT, they were still a PITA for a few of my nails.  What I mean by that is a few of my nails (and when I say that I mean ALMOST all of my nails) are curved from cuticle to tip.  And I found that these do not apply easy to nails like that.  My pinky and ring finger nails on both hands are fairly strait from cuticle to tip, but the rest of my fingers have a slight curve.  What I found was that these wraps would wrinkle at that curve in my nail.

I also found these difficult to size.  It's hard to figure out the size you need when you put into consideration the side to side curve of the nail.  My nails are very curved, so I found that I would pick a wrap thinking it would fit, and it would be really too small.  You will also see I picked a size a little too big for my middle finger and had some overlapping of my cuticle.

Another thing to note is that these are hard to fix if you place them wrong.  You have to place them right the first time, cause if don't, and try to fix them, they stretch A LOT, and become warped and wrinkle (you can see evidence of that on the side of my ring finger).

The other thing I didn't like, is when you file off the tip, I can't stand the sight of bare tips.  I'm someone that wraps her tips, so seeing nekked-ness there drives me batty.

See the wrinkle in the curve of my nail.

I sound highly critical of these, because, well I'm a perfectionist.  These actually do look good from far away, but again, I'm a perfectionist so knowing that they weren't perfect, drove me crazy.  I took these off pretty soon after.

I'm pretty sure these are easier to apply than other wraps, especially if you have strait nails, but alas, I think this kinda product wasn't made for nails like mine!

These and other NCLA products can be purchased at Nail Polish Canada.  They have a wide range of a lot of different polishes and nail art supplies.

**This product was sent for review.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ombre Gradient

Hey guys!  I have a fun mani to share with you today.  I wanted to do a fun ombre, but then I thought "well wouldn't an ombre gradient be fun?!?".  And I like how it turned out.  Though I now wish I had used a different color on my ring finger.  I was going for a light minty green to a blue green and ending with blue.  And the color on my ring finger was just blue.  I wish it was more blue green.  Oh well.

You'll notice my awkward little thumb there.

There is no good way to photograph my thumb.

Ahh, there's my chunky monkey thumb again!

Color's used from thumb to pinky: Essence The Boy Next Door, Essence Shopping @ Portobello Road, Essie Where's My Chauffeur?, China Glaze Kinetic Candy and Zoya Neely.  And the glitter is of course one of my favorite glitter China Glaze I'm Not Lion.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening, and yay!  Tomorrow's Friday!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Zoya - Amy

Good evening my friends!  Hope you all don't mind a short post tonight, I'm dead tired after work today.  But, well, I need to get caught up on my posts.  I have almost 30 waiting in my drafts folder, wowza!

This lovely orange goddess of a polish is Zoya Amy.  And she is an absolute stunner!  I'm not huge into orange polishes, but whew was this gorgeous and glow-y!  Zoya sure knows have to to do those glass fleck shimmers!

This is another polish that would have fit perfectly in the Zoya Sunshine collection. So, so beautiful!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Essie - Sunday Funday

Hey guys!  Hope you all are having an awesome day.  I'm having my own marathon of Tattoo Nightmares.  I love tattoo shows!  And it always makes me want to get more tattoos.  Fun fact about me, I've ALWAYS wanted a half sleeve.  A bright, floral half sleeve.  But my guy (who doesn't have any tattoo's), has nixed that idea.  Oh well....I'm just gonna get another unicorn tattoo! lol!

Anyone else get confused by all the Essie collections that come out?  I feel like there are 4 new collections out now, and I don't know what's what.  Anyways, this is one of them.  This is Sunday Funday.  I believe it's the summer collection, and it was hard for me to pick just one.  I could have picked them all up.  It's going to be hard not to pick them all up!

Can you guess why I picked this up?  CORAL?!?  SHIMMER?!?  LET ME PULL OUT MY WALLET!!

I started to apply and was like, "wait.....this looks exactly like.....OPI's I Eat Mainely Lobster".  And in truth, it is really close.

BUT, this one was more annoying.  It took three coats to get what you see here.  Two was just too streaky to look decent.  AND the shimmer seems to have sunk since applying last night.  The shimmer was much more apparent last night after applying.

With that said, I still love it cause......CORAL!! : )

Hope you all have a wonderful day/week....and to kick it off (I know it's Tuesday, but it's still the start of the week, right?), watch this funny Ryan Gossling video.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Born Pretty Store Review - Pirate Nails

I've got another Born Pretty Store review for you guys today.  One of the products I picked out for review is this awesome skull and crossbones stamping plate.  I actually got pretty creative (for me of course!) with this mani, and wanted to do a "pirate" nails.  This is the first time I've actually used striping tape as well (*purchased by me BTW).

I've actually used this particular plate 3 times (though was not happy with the placement or colors I used in the previous manis), and the plates give nice crisp lines, and I was able to pick up the whole stamp.

Feel free to use my coupon code for 10% off SEL91.  Born Pretty Store carries a lot of awesome stuff, and carries a lot of unique and cheap nail art supplies.  They offer free shipping, and shipping from HK is super quick.

I hope you all enjoy what I created with this stamping plate!

*some products in post provided for my honest review.  See my disclosure policy for more info.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just updating my Bloglovin....move a

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Sorry, I'm just updating my Bloglovin now that I have my own domain name!  Actually, update my new domain name on YOUR Bloglovin!  Thanks!

Leopard print nail art!

First off, let me thank you guys for your sweet words on my last post.  I just get so overwhelmed by grief about my dog and cat(s).  Harvey had his ultrasound yesterday which came back normal, so no we move on to doing another echocardiogram.  So we'll see.

Lookit me and all my nail art!  Deborah is the queen of free hand leopard print and after Loqi's rainbow leopard print mani, I felt like I finally had to try it.  While I look at it and see flaws now, I was really proud of myself!  I had actually said I was only going to do one nail, as well, I'm lazy, but as you can see, I just went for it, and it actually didn't take so long.

In hindsight, next time I will make the spots smaller.  I didn't realize I had made them so big.  For the colors I used all the colors from the Color Club Poptastic collection (whoa, look at all those "colors" in one sentence!).

I actually got a lot of compliments on this one, even though now all I see are the flaws.

Anyways, I'm finishing off my morning with a long Archer marathon, and I have to get back to this......

I'm sorry....this just killed me.....and all the "Are you coming?" jokes?  I die....

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Zoya - Tinsley, and a little update about me...

Hi guys!  Hope you all are having a lovely weekend.  We have gone from 0-60 here in WA.  We have had like no spring, and jumped straight  into summer.  I've got the air conditioning on in the house as we speak!

The one polish I was looking forward to the most from the Zoya Irresistible was this one.  This is Zoya Tinsley.  I have to admit that when I saw the new summer collection, I thought it looked an awful lot like it belonged with the summer collection from 2 years ago, the Zoya Sunshine Collection (which happens to be my favorite!).

I thought that Tinsley would be similar to Rica, but I'm glad to say it is not.  Rica is a much warmer coral, while Tinsley is a more pinky coral (it's described as a "rose gold" on Zoya's dunno, I guess that works).

I feel like Rica didn't work as well with my skintone as this one did.  I just LOVE it!

(sorry about the healing cat scratch on my pinky, lol)

*sigh* I love it!

Rica on the left, Tinsley on the right.  You can obviously tell the difference here.


So a little off topic here, but I feel like I need to say it.  If you follow me on IG, you will have seen the multiple pictures of my dog recently.  He's had some health issues since December (I'm not sure if I've talked about it already).  But in Dec, we had found that he has VPC's (Premature Ventricular Contractions), which basically means his heart doesn't beat like it normally should.  It does at time's, but at other times his heart beat is off.  These VPC's can be totally benign for an older dog (he just had his 13th Birthday), but they can also be caused by various cancers.

He had had an echocardiogram (ultrasound of his heart) and an abdominal ultrasound at the beginning of the year to rule out various cancers.  The echo was basically normal.  The ultrasound came back overall normal, except a mass seen on his liver.  At the time, the radiologist thought it was probably nothing to be worried about, so they decided not to do a fine needle biopsy of it at the time.  We had started him on an anti-arrhythmic drug.

Well in February he had an episode of weakness (this is one of the symptoms of the arrhythmia (which also includes sudden death by the way...)).  With that info, we wanted to figure out if he was having runs of these VPC's, so we set up to have a Holter monitor rented from Washington State University.  It's basically a monitor that he wears for 24 hours that measures how often he's having these VPC's.  The monitoring came back pretty good, so we increased his meds.  At the time, the cardiologist was able to determine from the VPC's that he has a mass at the base of the right side of his heart.

Early last month, he had another episode of weakness walking up the stairs, and I was actually afraid he was dying.  I held him in my arms and told him it would be okay if he passed away, and I didn't want him to be scared.

Then last week I had noticed more of the unusual breaking pattern that had concerned me when we had found out about these VPC's in the first place.  So we rented the Holter monitor again which came back much worse than  last time.  The first time they recorded about 250 of these VPC's, and this time it was over 2000.  His doctor assured me that this is okay, but the spike that he's had probably has an origin.  So we are again looking for a cause of these VPC's.  He's scheduled for another abdominal ultrasound tomorrow, and he will need to have an echocardiogram again in the near future.

So that's where he and I are at now.  Wednesday I had hit rock bottom with all my anxiety and depression I have been carrying around just worrying about him.  I cried off and on all day at work (I work at vet clinic for those of you who don't know).  The absolute sadness I feel about thinking of my life without him is just too much to bear.

I think a lot of the anxiety I feel right now is due to the fact that I want him to have a "good death".  I want to be able to have time to say goodbye, and I want him to be himself.  I've seen many pets go painful and scared, and I just can't bare to think of my dog going in that way.  I can't shake the feeling that there is something really bad going on with him.  Without doing these ultrasound's we just won't know, and that scares me.

I've already expressed that I wouldn't do chemo if it came to that.  I've seen pets go through it, and just can't stand to see him that way.  It would be one thing if he was a young dog, or even 5 years younger than he is now.  But to prolong his life for a year?  And have him be miserable in the process?  Not worth it to me.  So I am enjoying my time with him now.

I've spent $1500 since December to get where we are today (that's with all the discounts I get at work too BTW), and I would do it again, but this not knowing is just killing me!

Thank you for reading this if you did.  I feel like this is my place to unload, and I feel like it's therapeutic to me.

I hope you all continue to have a wonderful weekend, and since I hate to be a Debbie Downer, watch this video I couldn't take my eye's off of!  I squeed during the whole thing!