Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Piggy Polish - TEAL-Quila

I would have bought this polish by the name alone, the fact that it is breathtaking, teal adds major points.

I picked this up at Ulta for free with my level 3 reward, woop woop!  Nothing better than free polish!

 This is Piggy Polish TEAL-Quila....

Pee Wee Herman doing his tequila dance?  Yes please!


Anyways, this polish is stunning!  Believe me when I say I could not get this color accurate.  Its much more green, being a true teal.  The glass flecks are gorrrrrggggeous!  Good god, whew!  And the formula?  Awesome!  I could have gotten away with one coat, but I did two, cause well, I like depth!

Gah!  I love it!!

And I love me some tequila.  It's my liquor of choice!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hare Polish - Pegasus

Helloo!  Hope you all are having an awesome Monday.  Mine has consisted of taking my dog into work (on my day off no less) to get a Holter monitor (it's a 24 hour ECG) applied to recheck his heart disease, a little shopping, working out, and then sitting, reading a book while my guy played COD zombies (which I affectionately call WOW, I can't help it!  Too many shooting, war games I don't know which is which!).  Dude, he is so bossy when he plays zombies with his little Xbox friends.  I'm glad I don't play shooter games as I think he would make me play with him, and I think that would cause a rift in our relationship cause he's a total dick when he plays zombies!  

So I FINALLY own this polish.  I've wanted it forever!  I mean, we can't go wrong with a polish named after a mythical flying horse!  This is Hare Polish's Pegasus.  I would have bought this polish had it not been named after a mythical beast.

(I sincerely apologize to you guys for having to look at my cat scratched pinky and the nasty cuticle I picked off my middle finger, bad Angie....bad!)

I loved the lavender base of this polish, it was so juicy!  It was a bit goopy, and I found the hex glitter would get all stuck up on each other.  Thankfully they stayed flat, so it wasn't annoying.

I'm glad the wait was worth it!  Though for what it's worth, I think I would rather ride Pegasus than a unicorn (blasphemy, I know!), as I've ridden horses most of my life, and I can only imagine riding a unicorn would be like riding a horse (except of course, well, cooler!).  But riding Pegasus?!?  Sign me up!!

On an unrelated note, can someone please tell me what's going on on Hemlock Grove?!?  What the eff is Ouroboros?!?  And what is in that effing box?@?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Julie G - Hot Cinnamon

I know.....I know.....the textured polish is kinda getting outta control.  I still like them, but I'm not all "I need all the textured polishes!".  I really like the textured polishes with shimmer, or contrasting glitter or chunky glitter.  I actually bought, and quickly returned OPI Vesper.  I really, really disliked it.  For whatever reason, the polish didn't dry matte, it was just shinny and sandy.  I dunno, I really disliked it!

I really had no desire to buy this collection.  I thought it looked a lot like other polishes out there, and in reality, it seems like these textured polishes have a lot of dupes out there.  Once Groupon offered the whole Julie G Gumdrops collection for $21 and some changed, I just couldn't not pick them up, right?!?

This is the first I picked out to wear, and its freaking awesome!  This is Julie G's Hot Cinnamon.  I only got 1 decent pic of it....didn't notice how blurry the pics turned out till, well, I downloaded them to my computer.  Womp womp......

*sigh* These textured polishes are really hard to photograph just how awesome they are.  You can see how cool this looks int he bottle with the gold and fuchsia shimmer.  And all that awesome shimmer does show up on the nail when applied.  There is something so cool about having a matte polish, yet it sparkles with all the sparkly shimmer/glitter.

This color was puuuuuurrrrrfect at one coat, but I applied two cause I like the debth two adds.  It also applied basically by itself.  Y'all know what I mean right when I say a polish applied by itself.  You know, when a polish applies exactly where you want it, god I love polishes like that!

I purposefully made this pic blurry to show the sparkle *wink wink*.

I think I might like this polish more than Zoya Chyna, which I thought would be hard to beat! (I know, I'm a bad blogger cause I haven't even shown that polish!). This is more a cool toned red with gold and fuchsia shimmer, while Chyna is the sandy base with red glitter.  It reminds me of Dorothy's slippers from Wizard of Oz!  I could not stop staring at these nails!

On an unrelated note, anyone watch Hemlock Grove?  I just started watching it and actually find myself really liking it.  Its not the kind of series I usually like (something about vampires and werewolves I'm just not into).  There's something about it that reminds me of Lost.  Like there's a big "secret" that's just hanging above everything.  BUT, I find myself almost completely lost, like the writing is kinda all over the place.  The characters will be talking and I just don't understand what they are talking about.....I almost feel like we started on the second season or something, that's how lost I feel.  Anyways....anyone else watch it?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

China Glaze - Escaping Reality

So first off....this color REFUSED to photograph color accurate.  If you own this polish, you know how different it is than these pics.  This color is much more saturated and juicy looking than these pics portray.  If you own this polish you know what I mean.  What I would suggest is going out and BUYING this polish, so you know what I mean! : )

Me actually posting this has been a long time coming.  Have you ever worn a polish that just wasn't meant to be?  I've applied this polish THREE SEPARATE TIMES now, without actually wearing it.  The first two times something happened in the drying process and I got smudges or dents, so I took it off, just to put on another color.  Anyone else do that?  Or is that just me?

This is China Glaze Escaping Reality.  I really didn't want much from the ChG Cirque du Soleil collection, but I think Sally's was having a sale on these colors at one point, maybe it was BOGO or something, and I really only wanted It's A Trap-eze! and none of the other colors interested me, so I picked this one up.

I do actually REALLY like it.  It's what would be considered a "crelly" (oh mighty God how I hate that word!), and it actually applied really well despite my totally wonky brush.

When I applied, top coat, I applied those cute little triangle studs.  I have been lemming studs hardcore, so when I saw a little wheel of rhinestones and studs at Icing, I picked them up.

I really don't want to call this a neon, but I think it might be.  It's right on that verge.  

Like I REALLY need to add another ChG neon pink to my collection.....I now have this one, Flirty Tankini (is that a pink?  It's kinda hard to tell, it's maybe a neon coral?  Whateve, it makes the list for me), Love's a Beach, Hang-Ten Toes and Purple Panic (which we all know is a neon pink!)....I don't even own the popular Pool Party!  I kinda feel like I need it now....

These are the cute studs, etc. I got from Icing.  BTW, I really wish I had put just one stud on my thumbs.  Ah well!

I hope you all have a wonderful night, tomorrow is TGIF!  Yay!  I have some hard work days ahead of me the next couple of weeks, so it's the little things like Friday that make me happy!! (Even though I work on Sat) :p

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Estee Lauder - Extravagant Night

Hello there!  This post took a little longer to post as I wrote it up before I took the pics, and when I woke up the next day to take pics, my Essence Better Than Gel Top Coat TOTALLY shrunk the mani.  So I had to apply it again yesterday just so I could get decent pics.

 So one thing you guys may not know about me, is I'm not "extravagant".  I don't know how to dress, I wear yoga pants and sweatshirts most of the time.  High end cosmetics intimidate me.  That's not to say I wear cheap makeup, but the high end stuff I avoid.  I almost feel too low class for the high end cosmetics like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Guerlain and the like...maybe it is cause I can't afford it....I'm sure that's *part* of it :) .

Well I was at The Cosmetic Company Store (which BTW, how does that store work?  Do you pick up one of the testers and take it up to an employee?  That place makes me feel like an idiot, cause I'm too shy to ask....lol...) and I guess it was lusting after Chanel Taboo something fierce, cause I picked this color up.

Maybe it was the desire to own something high end and "extravagant" cause I ended up picking this color up.  This is Estee Lauder Extravagant Night.  And this color is gorgeous, stunning in fact.

I can't seem to tell what the color of the base of this is though.  It's kinda a mauve-y brown with some really gorgeous, heavy, duochrome shimmer (I'm pretty sure there is a small helping of holo glitter mixed in too).  The shimmer flashes fuchsia, copper and gold.  There is also some irregular shaped silver glitter mixed in.  It's kinda like if Orly Space Cadet, Mac Bad Fairy and some glitter had a baby with a brown polish.  It's crazy complex!

 It was really thin, I have three coats on here, and I could have added another.  Edit: This applied fine with two coats the second time I applied, but applied three due to some balding.

I also included pics of what this looked like last week when I applied it.  You can see how crazy the shrinkage is.  And jeez, my nails grow like crazy!  Look how much longer the first pics look then the one above.  That's only a week a growth!

This was totally worth the $12.75 I paid for it.  Cause it's pretty, and it makes me feel fancy!

p.s. I still want Chanel Taboo.....(I caved and bought it last night.......)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Zoya - Happi

Good morning!  And a beautiful one it is!  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I watched my 11 month old niece over the weekend.  It was.....well interesting.  My guy and I had NO idea what we were doing.  My guy got a text from his brother last night that said the diaper was on backwards.....and that happens to be how we were putting it on the whole time, lol!!

First off, these swatches are SUPER old.  And that's because I'm super lazy.  I actually REALLY liked this color.  I had been waffling on buying this color cause I thought it wouldn't work with my skintone.  Some pinks like this just make my skin look dead.  But it actually worked, and I quite liked it.

This is Zoya Happi.  Zoya sure knows how to do these golden shimmers!  Ugg.....love it!

Anyone else fall in love with this gorgeous shimmer?

Monday, April 15, 2013

China Glaze - Strap on Your Moonboots

Hello there!  I have a funny story about this polish, and I'm kinda embarrassed, being a nail blogger and all.  I wore this to work, and one of my clients comment on it, and told me she liked it.  She then asked what it was.  And me being, well weird, I told her "I dunno.....a blue?".  OMG, really?!?  She was like "well I can see that, but do you know what the name is?" and you know what I said?  "I dunno?".  OMG, so embarrassing!  I don't know what compelled me to say that.  *sigh*, I'm so weird!

Anyways, this is Ghina Glaze Strap on Your Moonboots, and I love it!  I love that the China Glaze's new Hologram collection contained so many "different" holo's.  I'm actually kinda over holo's (gasp, I know!).  But this new collection contains a few colors we haven't seen before. One being this one.

What a gorgeous navy holo.  I was surprised that this was a little draggy, as I don't usually have dragging problems with weak holo's.

I honestly thought this would have been a stronger holo than it is.  The other pics I've seen make it look pretty holo, but I don't know that this is anymore holo than the infamous Tronica collection (which I have a few from, and LOVE, BTW).

Ack, its still pretty though, right?!?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Essie No More Film featuring NYC Shimmer Blast

Hello my friends!  Hope you all are having a lovely weekend.  I've had a couple really stressful weeks at work, but my beautiful day today has....well kinda made up for it.  If you follow me on Instagram you might know that today (well actually tomorrow) is the anniversary of my engagement, so my guy and I spent the day similar to how we had spent it then, it was fun!

Anywhoo, I'm quite surprised I haven't shown this mani sooner, cause it was jaw dropping!  I absolutely loved it!

I actually picked up both these colors together, and thought they would look great together.

I finally got Essie's No More Film which I've wanted forever, but just couldn't break down and buy it, but I found it at Rite Aid on clearance for $4.00, so I said why not!  And while there I picked up this new NYC  polish with the unique name of "Shimmer Blast", fo real yo!  That's the name!

It's a stunning indigo shimmer that flashes purple in the bottle.  It's also got a nice helping of gold shimmer in it, which y'all know I love!  I'm really surprised it changed the Essie polish so much.  No More Film is a glorious blurple, but Shimmer Blast turned it into blue magic!

Magic I tell you.......absolute magic!

 I need a back up bottle of Shimmer Blast.....ASAP!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My First Splatter!

Good morning my friends!  We had a glorious weekend here last week, and today the weather is shit.  *sigh*, I swear our weather here in Washington is so crazy.  Oh well, I'm spending time with my family today, so it's all good!

I did my first splatter mani last night, and it was so fun. I've wanted to do a neon splatter for a while, and after seeing Deborah's multiple recent splatters I decided to go for it.

I kinda wish I had just done all my nails in a splatter, but oh well.  I used Lush Lacquer Clowning around on my accent nails.  For all nails I used Orly Dayglow.  I seriously love Clowning Around over white.  It really makes the neon glitter pop.

I've also learned that you need to use a thicker polish, otherwise it doesn't splatter.  Two of the polishes I used (the green and blue) had such a thin formula's they just kinda...covered the whole nail.  I also think I need to blow with the straw further away from my nail.  I will remember this for next time.

Here are the color's used in case you wanted to know.

From L to R: Essie Braziliant, Orly Glowstick, China Glaze I'm With the Lifeguard, China Glaze Towel Boy Toy and Finger Paints Warhol Wannabe.

I thought I didn't have any neon orange's so I used Essie Braziliant.  I really should have used my Color Club Wham! Pow!  Oh well, there is always next time!  I also realized I really need to wear Orly Glowstick again.  Gah! So amazing!

I hope you all have an amazing remainder of the weekend!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Hands - Nursery Rhymes

Hi guys, hope you all are having a great Tuesday.  I just got back from seeing The Host with my guy.  I have to admit to not knowing anything about the movie, except that it was a book, and it was written by the same writer that wrote Twilight.  I HATE Twilight with a passion.  Seriously, the movies are the worst things I have ever seen.  I've never had any interest in reading the books, but my guy loves vampire movies, so he's made me watch each and every Twilight movie.  

I'm kinda surprised I was actually willing to see The Host, and it wasn't really that bad.  It was different than I expected, not quite sure what I was expecting.  I find myself easily attached to characters, and could easily see myself caring about "Wanda" but found that I really didn't, she/he/it was just blah.  There were definitely some real eye rolling moments, but it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be.

So I'm on a roll with all these indies.  I don't know whats gotten into me!  When I first saw swatches of this and the other Happy Hands polish I got, I couldn't pass them up.  They're just too cute!!

This is Happy Hands Nursery Rhymes.  I kinda wish I had gotten this before Easter, as this is very Easter-y. I'm not usually a fan of shaped glitter, but I really like the way they look in this polish (and the other polish I got).

Nursery Rhymes is a nice soft yellow jelly base with small a aqua glitter, larger pastel pink hex's and larger purple hex's.  There is also a sprinkling of pastel purple and pink stars with a tiny helping of baby blue/aqua stars.  I found the blue/aqua stars weren't as plentiful as the other two colors.

The formula on this was great, and it dried super quick.  I found it dried so quick that it was getting clumpy on the brush stem.  I didn't have to fish out the star glitter at all, and found that all the glitter but the stars stayed where they were placed, the stars had to be placed on the last stroke (if that makes sense?).

I applied three coats as two was a little too sheer for me, and I wanted more glitter.  I love how this looks like a typical jelly sandwich without it being.

Please ignore my topcoat bubbles.  My topcoat has gotten thick.

The only issue I have with this polish is some of t stars don't lay flat.  Especially if they were added on the last coat.  As you can see on my pinkie, the star isn't curved to my nail.  I really can only feel the stars on my pinkie nails since they are so curved.  Despite the purple star on my middle and pink star on my index might look like, I can't actually feel them.  Not a big deal really, as a lot of shaped glitters like these don't fit the contours of my nails.

What do you guys think of this polish?  Is this not the cutest, Spring polish ever?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hare - Own Your Opulence

Hi guys!  Hope you all have a lovely Easter.   We spent the day with my guy's brother and sister-in-law and our niece.  We spend part of the day down at the beach my guy and I got engaged at last year.  The weather was GORGEOUS!

Today I'm wearing a polish that kinda surprised me.  I got this polish as an add on, so I could get free shipping from Llarowe, but I was so surprised when I got it.  I was not expecting what I saw in the bottle.

This is Own Your Opulence.  It's a clear base with gold shimmer and black square and hex glitter, small silver glitter and what surprised me, pastel pink, blue and yellow glitter in different shapes and sizes.  Until I applied it, I didn't know the yellow glitter was yellow.  I had thought it was gold.

I layered this over a thick coat of Zoya Jacqueline which happens to be the perfect nude color.

The formula was pretty good for such a dense glitter.  Hare Polish has really changed my look on indies. 

And god damn if the bottle isn't so freaking cute! 

So much glitter in one swipe of the brush!