Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Savina - Carnival

I am SO ready for warmer weather to get here, I'm skipping right to summer colors!  The last two days it has been absolutely stunning here in the PNW which is odd since we just had about 3 inches of snow at my house on Friday!  I'm telling ya, Washington has such weird weather sometimes!

I busted out this old Savina polish of mine that I've had forever.  I never see Savina swatches out there which I find weird, cause they really have some really unique polishes.  One of the oldest polishes in my current stash is a really old Savina that's probably 16 years old?  I remember buying it when I was a freshman in high school.

Anyways, I wore this polish yesterday cause it was so sunny out, and I thought this was perfect.  This color is called Carnival, and it's a REALLY hot pink with holo glitter in it.  It's much more saturated and HOT pink than what my pictures portray.  My camera really hates neon colors.

Now, one thing to note about this polish is the holo glitter sinks into the base when you apply.  I HAAAATE that!!  This also dries matte, and it needs extra top coat due to the glitter.  Because the holo glitter sinks, I used a couple coats of Out The Door's Northern Lights in silver.  That helped with the holo sparkle. 

There's a really subtle purple flash to this polish that makes it even more eye searing.

I can't help but feel like Barbie when I wear this color!

Any of you guys have Savina polishes?

NYX Butter Gloss swatches and review

Hi guys!  I believe I have enough of these NYX Butter Gloss' to show you swatches!  I picked up one of these when they were first released what, a month and a half ago?  I then picked up two more, and since NYX is BOGO 1/2 off, I picked two more up today. 

First things first.....I absolutely am head over heels for these glosses!  I've said it multiple times before, but I am a lip gloss kinda girl.  I've never felt comfortable wearing colors on my lip, but I am getting braver nowadays, and these are perfect for me.

These apply like your typical gloss, but they are pretty saturated with color, and they are a lip butter to, so very moisturizing.  They do have a bit of a scent, I wanna say it's a cupcake type scent, but I'm honestly so use to wearing these now, I don't smell it at all.

The one downside to these is they last only minutes.  I would say I get probably 30 minutes from them, I would probably get more if I didn't "smack" my lips so much, but I can't help it, these feel so lovely on my lips!

From L to R: Strawberry Parfait, Vanilla Cream Pie, Merengue, Eclair and Creme Brulee

Strawberry Parfait - This is the brightest one I own.  It's a saturated, dark pink which is very wearable.  I actually wear this without feeling self conscious like I usually do.

Vanilla Cream Pie - Honestly, I thought the name Vanilla Cream Pie would be very neutral, and while it is, it's still very pink.  This is probably the exact color of my lips, and it's the one color I wear most often.

Merengue - I wanna call this one a lavender pink.  I think this will go well with my skin tone (I just bought it today, so haven't tried it yet).

Eclair - This one seems to be a little more nude than Vanilla Cream Pie, but they look very close.

Creme Brulee - This is the nudest one I own, and it seems to have the least saturated amount of color in it.  When I apply it, it kinda just looks like I'm wearing gloss.

My swatches are in the same order as the above pics.  From L to R: Strawberry Parfait, Vanilla Cream Pie, Merengue, Eclair and Creme Brulee.

I absolutely love these!  I literally carry all of these around in my purse.  Like I really need to carry three, now FIVE of these at all times!  Whateve!  I really hope NYX keeps these around forever, cause I really, really love them.

Any of you pick these up?  I need some suggestions for other colors!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hare - Let Them Eat...What?

Oh my!  I'm so excited about this polish!  I know, I say all the time I'm not that big into indies, but I feel like everyone and their mom are making indies now and I feel like a lot of them are not terribly unique.  And I feel like that's kinda against what an indie should be.  But Hare has been an indie polish company I have always wanted to try, but I've never been able to get my hands on the colors I wanted.  And I refuse to set my alarm for those restocks!

I was finally able to get Pegasus and King of Carat Flowers which I've wanted forever.  I was also able to pick up Own Your Opulence and Dauphine of Decadence.  Some of which were on back order so when I received my Llarowe order, 3 were missing.  I can't wait for them to come in!

Anyways, lets start off with Let Them Eat...What?  LTEW is a milky white base with shimmer and what looks like itsy bitsy holo glitter.  There's lots of different kinda glitter in this one, the most obvious is the orange hexes, small and larger ones.  There's also two different color pink hexes in there as well, along with some small white ones.  As you can see, there is also a lot of gold in there as well.  Large gold squares, and....well just look at the macro shot below! : )

I found this was good at 2 coats, but I added three cause I wanted more dimension to the glitter.

Gah!  I just love this!  Thank you Hare for producing unique indies!

Lookit all that glitter!

On an unrelated note, I hope you are having a great weekend!  I just got done watching all the vlog video's on The Hobbit Blu-Ray.  And just like all the behind the scenes from the LOTR movies, I find myself green with jealousy that I wasn't included!  Anyone else feel that way?  Don't those people look like they just had a blast making that movie?  Anyways, thanks for stopping by!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Khroma Beauty - Afterglow

Hi guys!  Can I first off say, you guys are the best.  My last post was a little whine-y, and I just get so down on myself....and I come here to whine a bit.  So thanks for that!

I was at my local Fred Meyer the other day and they must have just put out the new Khroma display cause it was completely full.  They have about 20 polishes, all of which are all pretty safe, mostly creme's. This is one of two polishes I picked up.  

This one goes by Afterglow, and its a lovely pearl nude.  I realized after I started to apply this, this looks like it fits right into the Zoya Touch collection.  Sure enough, I pulled out Minka, and yup, almost exact dupes.

It actually applied exactly like the Touch collection.  It has a thick almost sticky formula.  Really not as unpleasant as I just made that sound, lol.

The only problem with this polish?  Is what you see above.  Look at all that chipping!!  I almost NEVER get chipping....and definitely not like this!  I woke up in the morning and this is what my nails looked like.  My nails just rejected this color!  Oh well, into the blog sale pile it goes!!

Actually, one REALLY nice thing about this polish brand is it comes with a safety seal!  Why don't more polish company's do this?

Anyone else spot these Khroma polishes?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

China Glaze - Dandy Lyin' Around

Hello!  Hope you all are having a great weekend.  I had one of those slamming crazy days at work today, so I'm glad my weekend is finally here.  I'm a wee bit sad though, I've had a rash of people unfollow me, and it makes me feel frustrated.  I don't have a lot to begin with so it makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong.  But enough self pity, on to the pretty polish!

I actually didn't think I would get this polish, but y'all know me!  Pass up a sheer-ish white?  As if!

This is China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around.  And guess what?  I love it!  I'm *pretty* sure this is 3 coats, and it's the perfect amount of sheer for me.  And the shimmer! YES!

Sadly my pics don't do this polish justice.  Just buy it, or look at the big bloggers for better pics, lol!

I hope everyone has fun this weekend, and stays safe!  No drinking and driving this St. Patty's day!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hard Candy - Piece of Papaya

Heya!  Anyone else excited about the new God of War game coming out tomorrow besides me?!?  I love me some Kratos....ugg....so sexy!  I have a crush on a video game character, so what?  LOL.

I have to admit to not being as excited about the new Hard Candy collections as most of the polish world.  The glitters are just meh, the candy sprinkles collection, no thanks....but the Crushed Chrome collections are very yes please!

The first one I have to show you guys is Piece of Papaya.  At first this reminded me of Zoya Rica.  But this is much more pink than Rica is.  Actually, these Crushed Chrome colors seem like they would fit right in with Zoya's Sunshine collection from a few years ago.  The gold shimmer in these are ah-mazing.  Seriously, gold shimmer?  Yes please!

This color is blinding!  

Sorry for the blurry pics, but my camera just couldn't handle all the sparkle! 

Anyone pick this up?  I would love to hear which colors you guys picked up!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lynnderella - Attitude Adjust Mint

Hi guys!  How's your weekend going?  We had an absolutely beautiful day yesterday here in Seattle, and we took my dog out to the dog park.  I've been really hesitant to take him to dog parks at his age, him being geriatric at almost 13 years old.  But recently I was told of this new dog park that has, as my guy affectionately calls it, a senior center.  It's a gated area for senior, or shy dogs.  It's really an awesome thing, and I wish more dog parks had it!  My dog had a blast, it makes me so happy to see him happy in his later years.  The weight of his years has weighed heavy on my heart of late.  There's been more than a few tears shed recently knowing he won't be with me forever.  But I'm really just trying to take it one day at a time, and really, really enjoy the time I have with him right now.

Anyways, enough Debby downing!

So this is my first foray into Lynnderella polishes, and I can't say I'm terribly impressed.  This is Attitude Adjust Mint which I am wearing over Zoya Neely.  Can I just say that I've worn Neely uh.....5 times since I got her!  Y'all know that never happens!  Neely is just the perfect spring green with a hint of dustiness to it.

Anyways, onto Attitude Adjust Mint. Yeah, I'm just not feeling it.  I think this polish would look great over a dark color so you can see all the amazing shimmer, but then it shouldn't be called "mint".  *sigh*, I just couldn't get into this one.  It's basically just iridescent hex glitter with some blue glass flecks shimmer.

And the end result is just meh.  The glitter didn't want to distribute evenly, and tended to clump up in spots.  It also reacted to my topcoat so there are bubbles galore which you can plainly see in the pics.

Sorry about that wound on my ring finger, I was playing with a little shit of a cat at work yesterday.  Oops.


Here you can see all that gorgeous shimmer, but for the most part, it's really hidden.  You can also see all those yucky bubbles, and all that nasty dry skin at the sides of my thumb *blushes*.

Can't decide if I will buy anymore of these in the future....I guess I just haven't caught the Lynnderella bug...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Zoya - Yasmeen

Hey guys, quick post tonight, I need to get ready for bed!  Yeah, it's 8:45 and I'm getting ready for bed....did I mention I'm old?!?  Lol!  Actually, I almost always leave time for some book time at night!  One of my favorite time's of day!

Anyways.  This pretty color is Zoya Yasmeen.  I picked this up at one of the recent Zoya promo's a couple months ago, but only got around to wearing it a couple weeks ago.

I remember hearing people always recommend this one, and I was like "nah".  Well I finally picked it up, and I'm glad I did!

This color looks like what would happen if OPI's Every Month Is Oktoberfest and Cult Nail's Flushed had a baby.  *sigh* so pretty!

Well I'm off to bed!  

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Orly - High On Hope

Quick post this morning (but to compensate, I've included TONS of pics!), as I am going out for coffee with one of my favorite people ever!  I use to work with her, and we litterally had the same schedule, so I saw her almost every day.  Well she left about two years ago, and I MISS her so much!  So we have lots of catching up to do!

This is the pretty polish I chose for today.  OMG, I could NOT leave Sally's without this one!  I don't remember seeing any swatches of the new Orly collection, cause I think I would have remembered this beauty!

This is High on Hope.  And it is a stunner.  The shimmer in this *almost* makes this look purple, but its a dusty blue with TONS of duochrome shimmer.  TONS of it!  I was worried that the shimmer wouldn't be apparent but alas, it shows up perfectly!

So enjoy my multitude of pics of this gorgeous color, and know that none of these pics do this color justice!  This is an absolutely stunning polish!  Maybe my top one so far this year!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Lush Lacquer - Clowning Around w/Zoya Skittles!

Morning ladies!  The sun is out!  And the grass is frosty!  I kinda love winter mornings like this.  Sunny but cold.  It's mother nature saying spring is on the way!

 Day two of neon glitters!  This is Lush Lacquer's Clowning Around.  I saw this polish swatched over pastel's and I thought I would try it that way too.  So I chose all of the Zoya Lovely collection (minus Piaf) which I realized I never posted.  I wore them all, and even wrote up a post.  Maybe one day I will post it.

Zoya Gie Gie on index, Julie on middle, Neely on ring (my FAVORITE from the collection, I've worn it 3 times already!) and Zoya Blu on pinky.  I'm wearing Zoya Jacqueline on my thumb which you can see below.

I think the neon glitters looks awesome over pastel's.  When I grabbed all these colors I really didn't think it would work, but I LOVE how it turned out!  I do think it looks better over the creme's and wish I would have picked a different pink and lavender as I think the shimmer in Gie Gie and Julie was too much.

I have to apologize for my camera, it just wouldn't focus! 

 This polish has an INSANE amount of different color and different size glitters.  I've read other reviews which said this had a pink tinted base, but the base in mine looks clear.

Ah, there's my thumb!

I could not get a focused bottle shot of this.  My camera absolutely refused!  It was like "nah-ah, no way!". But it looks absolutely in-freaking-sane in the bottle!

Well I think I'm going to go get dressed, and spend sometime with my old man dog out in the sun!  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lush Lacquer - I Lost My Marbles

Thank GOD it's the end of my work week!  We had a crazy Saturday at work, and I had one of those rare events that is now ingrained in my brain.  I won't go into details, but it involved a very sad death of a dog. :(  I will say though that if at anytime you feel your pet is in need of emergency care, please, please tell your vet clinic that you feel it's an emergency.  We can't always tell if it's urgent or not over the phone.

 Anyways, I'm showing you a mani that I am actually wearing at this moment!  It's rare that I post something that I'm actually wearing.  I think these fun glitters look so cute on my little shorties.

This is Lush Lacquer's I Lost My Marbles.  I mean common!!  NEON GLITTER?!?  I can't say I've ever seen neon glitter before, but I love it! Y'all know that I'm very on the fence about indie polishes, but I LOVE this one.  I also bought Clowning Around which I can't wait to show you guys.

I Lost My Marbles is a plethora of different color and shaped neon glitter.  I mean, look at it!  It has a baby pink base that is a little brighter than my pics make it out to be.  My pics seemed to wash the colors out a bit.

I noticed the neon yellow glitter doesn't seem to show up much, but I think the LARGE purple and orange hexes make up for it! 

The formula was a bit goopy, but it was nothing terrible to work with, and it self leveled.

Lookit that big purple hex!

This might have changed my mind about indie polishes......I want more!!  You can purchase Lush Lacquer polish here.