Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Revlon - Girly

Wanna see a polish I hated??  Yeah, this one!  I had to get my hands on it, when everyone else was looking for it.  Don't ask me why....I wasn't crazy about swatches, but I had to have it.  You know the old adage, if your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?  Why yes, I would.  This is the perfect example.  I hate this polish.  Absolutely hate.

Oh Revlon Girly.....I wanted to like you, I really did. 

I think my problem with this is that I'm not a huge fan of milky glitters, or glitter sandwich's (with the exception of this one).  I dunno, ech....I just don't like it!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Skittles! With some nail art!

 Hey!  I did some more nail art.  I'm hoping with practice and patience I will get better.  Have you noticed how big my pictures are?  I love big pictures....though it will show the imperfections, and blurry-ness of my pics.  So we will see how long it lasts, lol!

I don't know what possessed me to do a skittles mani, but I love really like it!  I wish I hadn't ruined it with the stamping and glequins.  But that's ok, I got out of my comfort zone, so that's good.

 Here is everything I used, from L to R: Essie's Beyond Cozy and China Glaze I'm Not Lion for my thumb (not pictured), Essie's Where's My Chauffeur?, Essence That's What I Mint!, OPI Crown Me Already!, Sonia Kashuk Smoke and Mirrors (as undies for Crown Me Already!) and Urban Outfitter's Green Holo.

 Essence recently came out with a bunch of new colors and new products in their display and That's What I Mint! is one of them.  I was disappointed in this color along with another color I had gotten Hello Marshmallow! cause they both have a gorgeous shimmer running through them, but it completely disappears on the nail. The formula on both was lovely and thick, and I think that has something to do with the disappearing shimmer.  Anyone ever try thinning polishes like this?  Do you think the shimmer would be more pronounced if I did?  I would love to know what you think!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Essie - Beyond Cozy

Hey guys!  Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.  Mine was pretty laid back as usual.  I'm super lazy, and haven't uploaded the 100+ pics I have on my camera so lemme just go through all my drafts and post one!

Old pics for a polish I love!  I actually had a hard time finding this one for some reason.  I really wanted to get a salon bottle, but just couldn't find one, this color was sold out every time I went to Ulta, so I finally found it.....somewhere, Rite Aid maybe?

This is Beyond Cozy.  And it certainly makes me feel cozy!  Like a soft cable knit sweater cozy!  This may look boring, but it's anything but!  If you own this, you know it's crazy glittery!  It may have different shades of gold glitter in here, but I really can't tell, the glitter is too micro for me to tell.  But there is a lovely depth to this.

Love it!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

L.A Girls Ombre set review

Hey guys!  I'm so embarrassed at how long this has been sitting in my draft folder.  This is about 2 months old, and I was really excited for this set.  When I bought this, there were about 4 other different sets.  These sets have the whole ombre effect without digging through your stash and finding same finish polishes that work for an ombre.  They also include a glitter accent which is pretty cool.

(Lol....fat thumb!)

I actually really liked the ombre look, which I've never actually worn before.  I'm too lazy to look through my stash for polishes that would work for an ombre, so this worked well for me! lol!  If I remember, the formula's on these were pretty good.  I remember one being really thin and watery, but that's ok.  I found I had to really pay attention to what I was doing.  Part of me wanted to go into auto pilot and apply one color to all my nail.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!  Stay warm!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

H&M - Blue My Mind

Hiya!  We've had some crazy, cold weather recently.  We've had like freezing temps for a week, but no sign of snow!  WTF?!?  Seriously, if it's going to be this cold, it might as well snow!

Anyways, here is another polish the lovely Deborah sent me.  And I think its a dupe to Nails Inc Baker Street and Essie's Butler Please.

This is H&M's Blue My Mind.  The formula on this was a bit thick and goopy, so I applied some thinner to it on second coat and it was find.  Nice self leveling formula.  The brush on this one was find, I think I just got a funky brush with Look at Me.

On my accent nails I applied one coat of Wet N Wild's Cost Is No Issue.  I forgot how much I love these WnW glitters!  I wore this last year (apparently around the same time too!) with very similar colors.

 I seriously loved this mani!  I didn't want to take it off!  Teal apparently goes really well with bright blues like this.

Friday, January 18, 2013

China Glaze - It's a Trap-eze

Quick post before I head off to work.  First off, I'm not a huge fan of milky glitters.  They're ok, but for the most part I'm just "meh".  I think the reason is most of them have same size glitter in it.  This polish right here is the exception.  I LOVE it!  It's like confetti in a bottle!

This is (I believe) two coats of China Glaze It's a Trap-eze.

So much fun in one mani!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

H & M Look At Me

So, a little story behind this polish.  A couple months ago, Deborah from Love, Varnish, Chocolate and More (seriously, if you don't already follow her, do so now, she's awesome!) emailed me and told me she wanted to send me some H&M polishes.  See, the H&M stores we have here don't really have a polish selection, and Deborah post's a lot of her H&M lovelies.  So she offered to send me some, no strings attached.  When I read the email, it made my heart smile.

One thing you may not know about me, is that I hate people.  Ok, yes, I know, that sounds awful, let me rephrase it, I hate MOST people.  There is so much ugly (I don't mean that in a looks kinda way), hateful and hurtful people in this world, it makes me very jaded.  I see a lot of these kinds of people at work.  BUT the silver lining is, that when someone is the opposite of this, it makes my heart smile.  I can't be the only one that gets these kinds of feelings right?  It's like a lightness I get.  Kinda like the Grinch who's small black heart  grows into a normal size heart.  LOL!

So anyways, I wanted to thank Deborah for her kindness in thinking about me, and I'm going to send her a package as well, even though there were no strings attached to her package.  (BTW Deborah, I'm stopping off at the post office today to pick up an international shipping box....one step closer to getting off my ass and sending your package! lol).

Well this lovely is one of the 5 polishes Deborah sent me (of which I've already worn three!).

 This is H&M Look At Me.  This polish jumped right out at me the minute I opened the package.  Even in all the bubble wrap I could tell it was stunning.  This reminds me of a-England's Percival which I think I don't need now.  And interestingly enough, I don't think I have a polish like this in my collection.  This polish just glows, with it's metallic-y redness.

This polish was absolute perfection.  This is a definite one coat kinda polish (but I always use two).  The brush was a little wonky (which none of the other polishes she sent were).  The brush is kinda thick and floppy (that's what she said.  *zing*), but nothing I couldn't deal with.  This is also a great stamping polish, along with another color she got me, Fabulous Nails Honey which I regret, I didn't get good pics of when I wore it.

So thank you Deborah, from the bottom of my smiling heart!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

OPI - The Show Must Go On

Morning!  I have to say it always feels good to go through my drafts and delete a bunch of them.  I get stressed out easily about weird little things.  Knowing I have over 30 drafts in my blog folder is one of them! lol!

This post is about a month and a half old.  But I like the way the pictures turned out, so why not post?

I bought only 3 polishes when this collection first came out (but have somehow ended up with 5 of them).  This stunner is one I picked up right away.  I have worn this polish a number of times and always love it, and interestingly enough, I've never posted it!

This is The Show Must Go On.  If you have this, you know how stunning it is.  The duochromness of this is very subtle, but it's there!

Ugg.....such a beaut!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Layla Ceramic Effect - The Butterfly Effect

So this polish stood out the most to me of all the new Layla's they have at Ulta.  There is something about flakies that I almost always can't resist.  I can't be the only one!  Anyways, I couldn't resist this one.  This one is #52 The Butterfly Effect.  The Butterfly Effect is a deep purple jelly with flakies that flash gold, green and rust.

As you will see in these pics, I've worn this polish three times already.  Two times of which were back to back mani's with different base coats.  

The first time I wore it was I think at the end of Nov, and I obviously have longer nails here.  If I remember correctly, I wore this over Rimmel's Hard Edged.  While I liked the combo, it kinda just looked like I was wearing a clear flakie coat over a dark color.  Nothing too special.

The Butterfly Effect over Rimmel's Hard Edged

The second time I wore it was this Tuesday.  I pared it over Milani's Deep Thoughts (which by the way is GORGEOUS, I found it earlier this week on clearance!).

This was an AWESOME combo!  

BTW, the lighting in the work bathroom did awesome things to this polish!  It was perfect, now if it didn't change the color of the next combo I would be happy.

 The next combo I tried the very next day was with Cult Nails Flushed.  Ugg, this was was even better!  I couldn't stop staring at my nails!

And yes, I did have to change some of the settings on my camera to get this one color accurate.  I really am not jaundiced like this! 

I was able to get a natural light pic of this.  I really wanted the gorgeous purple base of this to come through, without using multiple coats of the polish.  Flushed really worked well with this.  I *almost* wore this polish a third day when I wanted to see what this would look like over Zoya Zara.  But maybe next week!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

OPI Can't Let Go

 Good morning!  Or at least what's left of it.  It has taken me 3 hours to organize my Helmer the way I want. I already feel like I need another one, but oh well, I have a tiny bit of wiggle room.  Organizing also gave me a chance to thin out a bit.  I believe I'm going to have a blog sale soon, so keep an eye out!

Today I'm wearing OPI's Can't Let Go.  I seriously love these liquid sands.  What you don't see is all the sparkle this has.  Along with whatever makes up the sand part of this polish (I swear, its not glitter, whatever it is, it's magic!), there is some fine purple glitter and large hex glitter, and it really just sparkles.  Love it!

Funny story about this polish.  One thing my guy hates is nail files.  They make him grit his teeth, and he's never liked the sound they make.  You can imagine how that makes him feel when I file my nails! : )
Anyways, I asked him to feel my nails, he touched them like he was touching fire, and the look on his face? Priceless!  I'm mean aren't I?!?

Monday, January 7, 2013

China Glaze Urban-Night feat. Champagne Kisses

Hiya, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  We had our second Christmas yesterday and it was bunches of fun.  I got some money from my guys dad, so I'm going out today and buying a much needed new Helmer.  I've got two "Melmers" right now holding my polish collection, but I have grown out of them months ago.  Right now I have my polishes that don't fit in my Melmers in a box....but that box is overflowing.  I'm hoping that the extra drawers of the Helmer will contain everything that's in this overflow box.  We will see!

These pics were taken weeks ago (as you can tell with the longer nails).  *sigh* Blurry pics again!  Anyways, I had found ChG Urban-Night a few weeks ago at TJ Maxx for like $2.99!  Score!  It's a really, really lovely eggplant creme.  The formula on it was really crummy though.  My bottle was super duper runny and thin.  I could have done with three coats.  You can see some balding on my pinky.

On my ring finger I applied two easy coats of ChG Champagne Kisses which was IMPOSABLE for me to find!  I swear, everywhere that carried the ChG 2012 Christmas collection NEVER had this polish in.  I finally found it and snatched it up right away!  Yay for more ChG micro glitters!

I quite liked this combo.  This is me thinking outside the box a little, and not doing an accent nail in a similar color as the rest of the nails.  That seems to be a problem with me.

I am officially on a low-buy.  I can't put myself on a no-buy as I just don't think I would follow through with it.  I placed two orders this morning.  One for the Zoya deal going on now.   I got the whole Lovely collection which I rarely ever do.  I just love everything about the collection!  I also placed an order with a-England since they have Dragon on sale.  I've wanted Dragon since it came out, but it was sold out at the time I bought it (along with St. George).  So I now have Dragon and St. George on their way to me (I told you Deborah, I would get it....just didn't think it would be so soon!).

Anyone else get anything during the Zoya sale?  Whatcha get?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

OPI Ink Suede featuring NAIL ART!

Good morning!  Hope everyone is fabulous!  We're having our LATE Christmas with my guys family, so ya for opening more presents!  Actually I'm really excited to see my niece open her presents.  She is just so fun!

So first things first with my pics.  Ugg!  I now feel like I need to invest sometime in making a lightbox.  Just when I think my pics look fine, I download them to find they are completely blurry....the pic below is the best I got of this polish by itself.

I'm sure I've professed my love to the OPI Suede's before.  I currently own three now including the above.  I will one day own all six of them, I KNOW it!  Y'all know I'm crazy about the micro glitters from China Glaze, well I feel the same way about these OPI Suede's.  That's why when I found OPI Ink on Ebay for pretty cheap, I snatched it up.

OPI Ink is a classic.  If you own the original (which I do, and don't think I've ever featured) you will understand why.  I found this looks much more blue on the nail than it does purple.  Now please understand that it does *actually* look purple, but my camera turned it to blue.  Ugg!

Also, I don't know why my camera wanted to give me lobster hands with this polish, cause it really doesn't look like that in real life!

Lookit me and successful stamping!  I recently ordered the Bundle Monster 2011 plates.  You might know my frustration with stamping.  I recently gave it another try (you might have seen on my Instagram account), and decided I needed to start trying again.  One of my frustrations is picking out color combinations.  But I'm sure I will get over that with more practice, and putting more thoughts into picking something out.

I used Urban Outfitter's Silver Holo for the snowflake stamps.  You can *kinda* see the holo effect in the pics above, but it is pretty shy.

Aren't you all proud of me!  Doing stamping and shit! lol!

I'm tellin you though, look out for We'll Always Have Paris Suede and Lincoln Park After Dark Suede...those two are BEGGING to come home with me!  I need to find them! : )

Friday, January 4, 2013

Wet n Wild Mega Last Liquid Lip Color Review and Swatches

First things first, I am not a lipstick person.  I've always much preferred lipgloss to lipstick.  I've always found lipstick uncomfortable to wear, and annoying to apply.  I like to be able to apply my lipgloss without a mirror.  One thing that has always annoyed me about lipstick as well is the staying power.  The minute I sip some coffee, I need to reapply again.  Well I have been out of the lipstick world for a long, long time, cause there are some GREAT long wearing lipsticks out there.  And how long had they had these liquid lipsticks? LOL!  

I spotted the color Click On My Hyper Pink yesterday and I snatched it up right away.  Don't ask me why!  I don't wear bring pink like this, and like I said above, I don't wear lipstick.  I quickly applied it, and loved the outcome (but maybe not the color).

From Top to Bottom: Click On My Hyper Pink, Rose To The Occasion and Cherry On Top

These colors are swatched in the same order above.  I blended a bit with my finger.

I would much rather prefer a bent doe-foot applicator.

The staying power of these are amazing.  After applying these and letting them sit for 5 minutes, I tried rubbing these off.....I then tried rubbing these off with water.  They went nowhere.  I had to scrub, scrub, scrub with makeup remover.  What you see above it what it looks like after trying to scrub these off.  The only difference I saw was that Rose To The Occasion has gold shimmer.

I'm pretty sure I love these and they last forever!  They aren't too uncomfortable for lipstick.  I'm pretty sure this will get me to break out of my lipgloss bubble and try some lipcolor!

Anyone else pick these up?  What are your thoughts?

Julep - Trina

Hi!  I'm starting to think I should have asked for a new camera for Christmas.  My pictures are so blurry!  And they really don't show the beauty of this polish.

 This is Julep Trina.  It's a gorgeous dark, dark eggplant purple.  But it's more than that, its also a duochrome shimmer.  It shifts from dark, burgundy red, to a pinky purple, to an eggplant purple.

I think this looks gorgeous on my cute little shorties.  No I did not have a break, I just get so sick of having long nails sometimes, and my nails seem to grow like weeds, so why the heck not right?

 I got this on crazy sale from Julep when they were having their clearance sale last week.  I got 7 polishes and a fabulous infinity scarf for under $30!  It was quite a deal!

Anyone else get in on the Julep sale?