Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Lady Varnishes - Greenwood Hospitality

Gosh, I'm so disappointed with how my pics are turning our recently!  I try to enlarge them and they are super blurry and pixelated!  Gross!

Here is the last of the How She Sparkles collection I own from The Lady Varnishes.  And THIS one is named after Molly Grue.  I had made a comment in my first post about The Lady Varnishes that I was surprised that they didn't make a polish based on Molly, and Kristen kindly told me that Greenwood Hospitality is based on Molly.  Well duh Angie!  She also kindly included this is my last order which was the nicest of surprises!!

Greenwood Hospitality is a medium green base with lots of different glitters going on.  I see brown, copper and gold hexes and some smaller kelly green hexes.  I also see some gold irregular shards.  Pretty!  Even for a green! : )

Molly Grue has one of my favorite scenes from the movie.  When she cries "where have you been?" ugg, it just tears at my heartstrings!  

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