Monday, December 16, 2013

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Cuprum / Gap - Sparkling Sea....DUPE ALERT!

Hey guys!  How bout a dupe of a pretty expensive polish?  Would you be interested in seeing that?  Well read on my friends, read on!

Who else almost shit their pants with excitement when RBL had their 50% off sale?  I know I *almost* did!  $20 is a lot of money for one polish, but $10 I can do!  I picked up four to add to my two I already owned, and now I have a right little collection of RBL!  I feel so fancy!

Anyways, I couldn't wait to wear Cuprum.....but the funny thing is, while I was waiting for it to ship, I went out and bought Gap's Sparkling Sea which is (to me) an exact dupe!

They both have the same metallic base....they both have the same copper/pink shimmer.  And if I remember correctly, they both have pretty much the same formula.  I did find that Sparkling Sea did bubble a bit where as Cuprum did not.

(first three pics are Cuprum, for the comparison, see after the bottle shots)

The same in the bottle, right?!?

I have to apologize, I don't remember which is which on my fingers, and obviously since they look the same to my eyes, I can't tell which is which!

If I had to pick between the two, I would pick the RBL just cause bubbling with the Gap.  But if you want a cheap dupe for an expensive polish, by all means, get the Gap!


  1. Well that's awesome, b/c I picked this one up at Gap when I went to get Bright Pool that is the RBL Aqua Lily dupe.
    So Gap specifically set out to dupe two RBL polishes then...(?) :O

  2. What a great color! They look identical to each other too :D

  3. Well, that is AWESOME. I think I'll be sticking with Cuprum, though :D

  4. Love this shade! I can't tell the difference between them.


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