Monday, November 25, 2013

Sally Hansen - Sugar Shimmer in Sugar Plum

Hope you all are having a fantastic Monday.  I'm doing a little cleaning with a LOT of The Tudors.  Don't ask me why I haven't gotten into till now.  I think some of it is the fact I just finished Steve Barry's The Kings Deception which is about Queen Elizabeth being a man....A MAN I tell you!  Anywhoo.....I guess it's better than playing ACIV all day, right?

I was strolling through Fred Meyer's the other day, when I laid eyes on the new Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer's.  And lo and behold, they were B2G1F.  I think the difference between the Sugar Coat's and the Sugar Shimmer is the addition of shimmer in, well, the shimmers, lol.

The first one I chose to wear was Sugar Plum.  It's a medium pink with TONS of gold shimmer.  Very, very pretty!  I can't say I've seen shimmer in a textured polish before, but I think I like it!  This might be the first texture I've actually wanted to cover with topcoat. 

This tone of pink was very flattering on my skin tone.  Though I will say it's a bit "mature" for me....I still enjoy it.

I did end up wearing three coats, as two was a bit too sheer.  It was easy to apply, and dried fast (for a texture).

Anyone else excited for Thanksgiving?  Thanksgiving is actually one of my favorite holidays.  I think it has something to do with the food.....and lord knows how much I LOVE food!! : )

I'm going to be making this dish again this year.  It turned out so freaking amazing last year.  Seriously, y'all should make it!  And because I love the Pioneer Woman, I'm going to try this one as well!


  1. So beautiful on you! I don't think I could pull this color off, but I NEEEEEEEEEED some of these sugar shimmers. After I saw a post on Nouveau Cheap last week, I knew I was a goner!

    Also, will there be lumpia or pancit at your Thanksgiving? Since my uncle is ordering dinner from somewhere, all bets are off this year.

  2. You could probably pull this color off, we have similar skin tones, but well, pink...not everyone's cup o tea. I also got the mint (which I can't wait!!) and the teal. They look AWESOME in the bottle, though I wish the mint had more gold shimmer. Which reminds me I need to post SC Treasure Chest which is a fucking mazing!

    Well there will definitely be lumpia, cause what's a Filipino family dinner without it? And I'm assuming one of my aunts will make some pancit (which btw is super easy to make, which I found out last year!). BUT I had some at my cousin's babyshower this weekend (though there was no Chinese sausage, WTF Filipino caterer?!? That's the best part!). Lumpia and pancit are the only Filipino food's I can eat without getting sick. I've learned my lesson!

  3. Wow it looks beautiful, I love the gold too! Happy thanksgiving :)


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