Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sephora - Faux Fur Jacket

Hi guys!  I have a quick post for you tonight as I'm tired, and really just want to jump in bed with my James Rollins book.  Anyone else a JR fan?  I LOVE me some Sigma Force!!

I picked up this color about a month ago.  Sephora has added a bunch of new polishes to their store brand, and they have also redesigned the bottles.  They are still teeny tiny though.

The only one that caught my eye was this one, and at first I didn't think it had a name, as it is impossible to find the names on the bottle!  But my lil' ol' eye's finally landed on it.  This is Faux Fur Jacket.  It's a taupe-y metallic with blue and pink shimmer.  The shimmer really didn't want to show up in pics.

Nothing too terribly special about this polish, though I can't say I've seen anything else like it.

You know what I AM loving?  My cute little rounded nail shape.  I've fought for so long to try to make them square, and I'm loving my more curved shape!  We will see how I feel about them when they grow out more.


  1. Um, whatever. This polish looks FANTASTIC with your new nail shape (which I also happen to love)!

  2. I love your nails in this shape and length!

  3. Thanks Deborah! I just need to stop fighting the urge to file square! lol!

  4. Thanks Rach! I kinda want to make them a bit more round, but we'll see. I had actually filed them into stiletto's to start with but no, just no! Did not work for me! But hey, it gave me an excuse to chop em down.


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