Monday, October 14, 2013

Incoco French Tip Nail Polish Strips Review

Hey guys!  I have ANOTHER polish strip review for you today.  I'm feeling more and more comfortable with applying these, but I might have been sitting on these for a few months.....So lets get on with it shall we?

I don't think I've seen a review of the french tip strips before, so that's the one I chose first (and my nails are great length for french tips).

Each pack comes with 16 french tip strips and 16 double-ended clear strips.  I thought the french tips only came with one strip, but it turns out that they fit two french tips on each sheet .  I also didn't realize that the clear strips were a) not a sheer nude like they kinda look like and b) that each clear strip is double ended.  Each strip is rounded at one end, and more v shaped at the other.  These wouldn't work for people with square cuticles (which I don't have).

These have very simple instructions which I love.

Now on to the application.

The tips were actually really easy to apply.  They aren't that sticky, but I'm sure that's what the clear coat strips are for.  The clear coats strips though, that's a different story.  They were a bit harder to work with.  They were super delicate, and would rip on the gentlest of tugs.

I kinda wish the clear strips were a sheer nude type color.  Since my nails are a bit stained, I think it would have made my nails look a bit more flattering.  

Because these are made of real polish, if you happen to have any overlap you can take a cleanup brush and some acetone and take care of it.

While these closeups show every imperfection, these actually look really nice on.

While this isn't something I would wear all the time, it is nice not having the dry time!

Incoco Nails Strips can be purchased directly from their website

**Product sent for honest review.

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