Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Covergirl - Pyro Pink

Just a quickee  post as I hated this polish, so it doesn't deserve a whole lot of talk! LOL!

I was excited to find one of the Covergirl Hunger Games display that I snatched up two polishes (and the mascara) without realizing that one was a dupe of OPI's Warm and Fozzie (actually I'm pretty sure I thought it was a dupe of WaF, but I wanted it anyways, I blame it on the cute mini bottle...).

The first one I wore was Pyro Pink.  And I hate it.  It's gorgeous in the bottle, but it looks like my nana painted my nails.  Yuck....so grandma!  It's also super sheer, and I should have applied three coats, but I was so disappointed I didn't get the OMG I LOVE THIS POLISH when applying it, that I said fuck it, I'm not adding a third coat.

Blech, vomit, blech...

I'm so sad I didn't like this cause it really is pretty in the bottle.  I guess it just doesn't play nicely with my yellow toned skin.  Boo hoo!


  1. I'm not really loving this one either. I don't think it's ugly, but it's just not for me. I only like certain pinks.

  2. I don't care for it either :(

  3. I don't see the grandma part but blue based pinks aren't really my thing either :-( boo!


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