Friday, September 13, 2013

Twinsie Nails with Deborah from Love Varnish

Hey guys!  I have a fun mani to show you guys today!  You might recognize this mani from this post.  I've always wanted to redo this one, when I was able to take better pics.  Well these are definitely better, but not much!  Anyways, I had made a comment to Deborah last week on her post for I <3 NP's Birefringence (**SWOON!!**) that it reminded me of the old Sally Hansen Nail Prisms, and that she should try the multichrome gradient I did, AKA The Most Awesome Gradient Ever!  So she asked if she wanted to do twinsie nails and I said yes!  So that's what you see here!

So please visit Deborah at Love Varnish and check out her multichrome gradient!

In this first pic it just looks like a regular multichrome, but scroll down to be amazed!  As with the first time I wore this, I used Models Own Aqua Violet with Sally Hansen's Nail Prisms in Turquoise Opal at the tips.  Both these colors have the same base color, so at certain angles it doesn't shift at all.  But man, you add the right lighting (which happens to be my bathroom at night for some reason!) and wow, just wow!

You will see some shrinkage which is too bad.  And just when I thought I found my holy grail topcoat (Rica's Glossy Glam), I'm let down again with shrinkage!  Darn!  It's very minimal shrinkage, but it looks like I didn't wrap my tips, which I did!

Aww yeah!  Lookit that!  Yes, this is my bathroom lighting.


Be still my heart!

I tried to do the whole underwater nails pics, but jeepers that's hard to do!  This was the best I could get.

Yup, these were just as epic as I remember them!  And boy if I don't love the smell of these Prisms!  Ahh yeah!  Good ol' chemical nail polish!'s like the aroma of angels to me! lol!  I'm weird!  Anyways, please take a look at what Deborah did, and let me know if you try a multichrome gradient!  See ya!

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