Tuesday, September 10, 2013

RBL - Scrangie 2.0

Hello!  I was so excited to actually get my hands on a hyped about polish without the craziness (I'm looking at you Enchanted Polish!).  I was so happy to see the announcement on IG last week about this being available again, I jumped on that right quick!  When last I looked, it was still available too!

This is Scrangie 2.0.  This is a metallic-y olive base with gold shimmer and blue and copper flecks mixed in.

OH EM GEE right?!?  And to top it off, it applied like butter!

This is my first RBL, and I'm glad I own it!  I only bought one other polish with this order cause $20 bucks a pop is quite a bit for one polish!  There are probably 5 or 6 more that I want though!  Wah!!  I was kinda surprised at how small the bottles seem!  Though they hold more than Butter London's interestingly enough!

Lookit all that gold shimmer!

Were you lucky enough to pick this up?  Gah!  I love it!


  1. Looks amazing! What a unique color. Your so lucky to own it :)

  2. Great pictures hun! I only own a few RBL's, because they already are so expensive and international shipping ain't fun either I just can't justify purchasing these normally.

  3. Hellooooo, sexy. I totally need this before it goes out of stock again!

    And also damn it, I need that OPI Alcatraz you posted. Oh, Angie. You're killing me!

  4. BUY IT RACH!! I'm here to enable!! And YES!! My plan to get you to buy all the textures is working!! BUY ALCATRAZ! :)

  5. They have so many nice shimmers! But they're so expensive! I think I will just have to build my RBL stash slowly.


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