Tuesday, September 3, 2013

China Glaze - Bottoms Up

Hey guys!  Hope you all had a lovely weekend, and my american friends had a lovely extended weekend.  I'm tellin ya, I HATE Monday holiday's.....I get Monday's off anyways, so it's not a holiday for me!  I always get a three day weekend.  Hmmp....

I thought I had posted all these ChG Sunsational Neon's but I have this and one more to go.  This one is Bottoms Up.  I've already worn this 2x since I took these pics, and I've worn it on my toes.  It's a great soft neon.

This blue toned pink really stands out against my summer tanned skin.  In all honesty, all these Sunsational polishes do.

This last picture was taken by my Galaxy S3, and I really wish I could take all my pics with it.  It takes much better pics than my 7 year old digital camera does.  Man I need a new camera!!

I'm gonna get back to my marathon of Dexter.  My guy really wanted to watch the final episode of Dexter as it happened.  We're 5 episodes down already, and he called in sick today, so I'm sure we will finish and be up to date by today!


  1. Can't go wrong with a neon pink!

  2. DO WAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT. You're killing me. (And also, your Galaxy picture looks great! Heck, my phone takes better nail pictures than my digital camera ... wtf)

    Ooh, hope you guys enjoyed your Dexter marathon! :)

  3. Oooh I am so sorry for you and your 3 day weekends ;-)! Nice shade of pink!

  4. Thanks Essie! There really isn't a bad color in this collection, they are all awesome!

  5. No you can't! Nothing screams summer like neon pink!

  6. Ok that's it, if I can still find the salon pack at my local nail supply again, I'm going to buy it for you! And I will also burn you a City and Colour CD!

    We're all caught up on Dexter....bring on the series finale!

  7. Yup, 3 day weekends every week! Can't complain (but I guess I did, lol).


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