Monday, September 16, 2013

China Glaze - Bat My Eyes

 Good morning yo!  Hope y'all had a lovely weekend.  I'm in a creative mood today, and need to stop off at Hobby Lobby.  I want to make my own headband for whenever I actually get married.  Yeah, still no plans!  I also want to make my own fairy garden.  Have you guys seen those?  So cute!!

Anyways, I was excited to find the China Glaze Monster's Ball collection at Ulta yesterday.  No one does Halloween polishes like China Glaze (I'm looking at you OPI....stupid mini bottles!).

The first polish I decided to wear is Bat My Eyes.  OMG I love this polish!  This reminds me of a gold version of OPI's Metallic 4 Life, except I didn't hate it like I did the OPI.  Gah I hated that polish!  I returned it the next day!

Anyways......Bat My Eyes is a black base with gold shimmer, and 2-3 different sizes of gold glitter.  The surprise in this polish is the bar glitter!  I know, I know, bar glitter, but it's fun!  The bar glitter flashes from copper, gold and sometimes bright green!

The formula on this was awesome!  Two easy coats!  China Glaze knows how to do those full coverage glitters.  And with any bar glitter polish, you do have to make sure to push it back from the tip of your nails.  Otherwise you might have some unfortunate accidents! lol

This color reminds me of antique gold!  It also reminds me of my High School colors which were black and gold.

I love glitter with depth!  My thumb nail ended up with the most bar glitter, otherwise it was very subtle.

 Anybody else pick up Halloween polishes already?


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