Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cadillacquer - Keep Breathing

So I wanted to show you the first of my recent indie shopping spree I went on.  I haven't received my first order which I'm really looking forward to, so poo!  There are some great Fall polishes in there.

My Llarowe order came in yesterday, and this is the first one I chose to wear.  This one is Cadillacquer's Keep Breathing from their Dexter collection.  I can't help but feel like NONE of these polishes remind me of Dexter.  I mean, no dusty olive green for Dexter's henley shirts?  Bah!

But whatever, cause this polish is gorgeous!  It's a teal/aqua base with silver and teal shimmer, and 2 different lavender colored hexes.  Sounds great right?  My pics don't do it justice!  But my Galaxy camera kinda does, cause Cadillacquer reposted a pic I posed on Instagram seen here.

As far as the formula goes, it was pretty good, the glitter dispensed evenly, but it was sheer on first coat.  I'm wearing three here, and it was still a little sheer at the tips.

First two pics were taken in my kitchen lighting last night cause it looked amazing and shiny!  But the following pics super suck, so boo for that!

 You guys have any thoughts on this collection?  Does it channel Dexter?


  1. This is gorgeous! I have two Cadillacquer polishes, Cute Poison and Remember Me, and they are quite awesome to look at. I need to get this one now too!

  2. NICE! I have no Cadillacquers yet - have to add some to the stash!


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