Monday, August 12, 2013

Hoof Nail Color

This is a new to me nail polish I haven't seen before.  I was walking through my local Fred Meyer's, when this nail display jumped out at me.  I've seen the Hoof brand before, but I've only ever seen pedicure stuff from them.  This display had nail art stuff.  There was maybe 6 polishes, with matching caviar beads and flocking powder.  I didn't get any of that, but I did pick up two polishes.

This is the first one I've tried.  And there were some issues....we will get to those later.

None of these polishes have names, so the first one I tried was the purple metallic.  I actually haven't seen a dark purple metallic like this.  It looks AWESOME in the bottle.  The color is a little lighter and warmer.  But you know....purple...

Now, onto the problems.  This was suuuuuuppppppper thick and goopy.  This bubbled like crazy, you can see some evidence of that on my pinky....huge bubbles.

This polish was also super stinky.  Which I don't mind (I actually love stinky polish : P).

But that's not the worse of it.  Can you see the finish?  Once I applied topcoat, the color pigment in the polish smeared.  That's the best way to put it.  You know when you remove a metallic, how the base color seems to stay while the color pigment comes off?  Leaving behind a silver metallic?  That's basically what happened when I applied topcoat.  See below....

Yuck, yuck, yuck!  This looked HORRID in person!

If I wear this again (which I probably will, cause the polish is gorgeous!) I wouldn't apply topcoat.  I've already thinned it out, so I hope that will make the bubbles easier.

Woohoo!  Three posts in a row! : )


  1. Kleancolor has some funky polishes too. Is the other one you picked bad too?

  2. Gorgeous color but omg at when top coat was applied. That's so weird!

  3. Wow what a weird formula... But the color is really neat! Hopefully you can make this work for you, although I know I wouldn't have that kind of patience.

  4. So weird! Looked so gorgeous in the bottle! Sadness...

  5. Too bad about the is a pretty purple shade.

  6. Very strange! Hope it's better next time, the shimmer is lovely.


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