Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ninja Polish - Pacific Coral

Heya!  I'm back!  I had a great time camping, and our weather was absolutely perfect!  It was pretty hot, but our campsite was perfect, lots of shade during the day.  And Harvey had soooo much fun, and he is the perfect camping dog!  He was acting like he was 10 years old!  He had so much energy, he even went swimming, which he hasn't done in a few years.  It was really sweet, and he was just so happy!  Camping though, was murder on my nails.  I'm not sure what I was thinking going in with long nails.  I cut them down by the second day, and I only painted them once.  Yes, I did bring polish with me.  And in case your wondering, it was BL's Disco Biscuit.

I don't even think I have to say how much I love this color.  I mean, coral AND shimmer?!? Y'all know me! Such beautiful shifting shimmer, from gold to green.  Hell yeah!

This is Ninja Polish Pacific Coral.

Whew, lookit that!

I think I said it before we left, but 4 nights, 5 days was a day too long.  We were all ready do leave a day early. It just ended up being one day too long, and we were all cranky by that last day.  Next time I won't listen to the sister-in-law when she says 4 nights.  But on a plus side, I found it really relaxing, and I got a lot of reading in.  My guy on the other hand said he was really bored.  Not quite sure what he expected, since it is camping!  Oh, and another nice perk was we had no cell reception.  It was actually really, really nice not staring at our phones every 5 minutes!  We're so dependent on them now a days, it was nice to get away from it!

Well I hope you all have had a lovely weekend!  Oh, and look at my new favicon Deborah made for me!  She is so sweet, and I LOVE it!


  1. Beautiful! I never been camping... I don't think I'm that brave :)

  2. So pretty! Love the shimmer to it :)

  3. Just had to leave a comment because the first thing I noticed was your new favicon - love!

  4. Camping is so much fun! But not for everyone! lol

  5. Thank you! Deborah was so sweet to make it for me!

  6. Awww yissss so beautiful! And the favicon looks cute :D. When I created it, I was looking at it at a larger size and I was scared everyone would think your unicorn is.. "special" you know? It looks quite normal luckily ;)!

  7. Yes, I LOVE my favicon! I finally feel like a real blogger! : )


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