Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Hi guys!  In true Northwest fashion, our weather has taken a turn on the 4th of July.  Its almost a tradition that it rain on 7/4 here in the PNW.  We have gone from scorching 95 degree temps to overcast (and I swear it looks like rain) this week.  And I know what y'all are saying, "Well doesn't it rain all the time in Seattle anyway?", no, that's just a nasty rumor!  We actually have really lovely summer's here.  I would honestly be happy with 75 degrees all summer.  I hate the heat and humidity!

(Sorry some of my nails are out of focus, my camera couldn't focus on all my nails at once!)

I didn't do anything really creative for my 4th of July mani.  I wanted to go all out and do some stamping, but I knew I would be stuck with it for two days if I didn't like my stamping (since I'm going out tonight, and won't have time to do my nails before going to work tomorrow).  So I did a simple skittle (or is it skittellette) mani.  Of course I did the good ol' red, white and blue.

I had actually bought Julep America on sale last year, just for this purpose.  My pictures of America don't do it justice, its a really awesome glitter!  You can hardly see them in the pic (cause they are super reflective), but there are silver hexes, two different size blue hexes, with super fine red glitter suspended in a clear base.  Apparently there are also silver stars in here, which I was surprised about when it came out on my other hand.  I can't see them at all in the bottle, so I think there are like two in the whole bottle, lol.

(Not shown, but my thumb is the blue glitter too).

Here are the polishes I used.  From L to R: Sinful Color's Ruby Ruby (can you see the cute little "veil"? One of the girls at work gave it to me.  She had bought a bunch of polish as party favors for a bridal shower, and she glued little veil's, and put a little gem on top.  She gave me a couple she had left over.  BTW, the veil was super in the way while painting my nails! lol), Julep America, China Glaze Glistening Snow, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and Milani Blue Flash (which I just realized, BTW, is a dupe of Butter London's Scallywag!  Wish I had realized that before I bought the BL!).

Hope you all have a safe and fun 4th of July!  We're going over to my cousins house for a cousin get together  (One of my cousins is in from out of town), and we are having a Redneck 'Murrica themed 4th!  Should be fun!


  1. You have a happy Independence day too! This is such a fun manicure! :) Really patriotic with the blue, red and white :)

  2. Lovely! I saw that julep one when it first came out, I think they had a Canada one too?

  3. Very pretty Angie. Here's hoping for a little reprieve in the weather before the weekend's out! :)

  4. Beautiful manicure! We've been having really weird weather in California, too. It was in the high 90's/low 100's, humid, and rainy! WHAT? Usually this time of year it's high 70's/ low 80's and sunshiney. Oh well... Guess it's just one of the tidings of the end of the world. Or something like that, anyway.

  5. Glitter ♥ never a wrong choice for festive nails!


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