Monday, June 24, 2013

The Lady Varnishes - How She Sparkles collection

Oh my gosh guys, I don't even think I can begin to tell you how excited I am about these polishes!  One day I was just hanging out on Etsy, searching for my usual things....unicorn cell phone case (still have yet to find one I like), bridal jewelry, unicorn tshirts.....I think you get the picture.  Well a light bulb went off in my head.  Search for unicorn polish.  Well a few different things came up, some being actual polish, as I scrolled through, a lot of it was just meh.  Then I set eyes on the polish below.

I clicked on The Lady Varnishes Always Dreaming and fell in love.  Then I read the description and had major girl-boner-time (if you don't know, don't ask, lol).  This polish collection is based on my favorite movie of all time in the history of the world (and yes, I say that every time!).

The Last Unicorn is my favorite movie ever, ever, ever!  It's where my unicorn obsession began!  I still own my original VHS (from what, '83??) and 3 COUNT EM, THREE copies of the DVD.  It's one of those movies for me, that invokes lots of emotion, and childhood feelings and memories.  I do have to warn you, if you have never seen it, you won't understand!  I've always wanted a large tattoo back piece of the unicorn standing in the forest with her little animal friends (with the butterfly of course!).  But I'm way to picky and would have to find the right tattoo artist, cause the unicorn would have to look PERFECT.  I've seen some wonky ass Last Unicorn tattoo's.

Anyways, on to the polishes!

First up is Always Dreaming.  This polish absolutely reminds me of the Lady Amalthea.  Completely and totally.  If I was going to make a polish based off the unicorn, it would be this color right here.  Absolutely perfect.  I do have one complaint about this polish which you will see later.

Always Dreaming is a sweet lavender base with large and small white hexes, small blue, pink and lavender hexes and silver flakes in it.  I applied three coats here, and wish I had used a similar base color so I wouldn't have to apply so many coats of glitter.  I did that with the other two polishes below.  BUT, the formula on these are all identical, and very easy to work with.  These also have a scent to them similar to Cirque, though there is nothing in the description that says they are scented.  But I swear, they are!  Maybe I'm just weird.

Don't ask me what the eff is going on with the skin around my fingers.  I have no idea. 

You will see here, each of these bottles are packaged with a little star charm, so cute!  Each polish is also individually wrapped with in a similar color organza bag.  Wish I had taken a picture of the packaging, cause it's super cute!

My one complaint about this polish is what you see above.  I stared to apply this, and thought it had dark blue glitter in there.  I'm still not sure what it is, maybe pigment?  But I don't think those blue specks are supposed to be there. 

Next up is The Red Bull (not to be confused with the drink).  This one is obviously named after the bull.  OBVIOUSLY! : ) Again, if I had to make a polish based on the Red Bull, it would be this one!

The Red Bull is a mix of a firey orangy red base with way too much gold, yellow and red glitter to really identify.  There is also some red and yellow square glitter too, which is fun.

I applied one coat OVER a base color of OPI's The Spy Who Loved Me.  I wanted to make this a deeper, more red color.  I think this might be my favorite of the three I bought.

And last but not least is Silly Butterfly.  I'm a wee bit disappointed this doesn't look as bright purple as it does on Etsy, cause, do I need to say it again, if I was going to make a polish based on the butterfly, it would look exactly like this.  The butterfly happens to be one of my favorite character (besides Molly Grue, when she says "where have you been?" my heart breaks, it just breaks!  I'm kinda surprised there isn't a polish for her!)

I applied one coat over Orly's High on Hope, and next time I wear this, I'm going to try it over a bright purple to see if becomes more purple.  I see large lavender and blue hexes with smaller light blue and darker blue hexes and blue micro glitters in here.  At certain angles I see this absolutely breathtaking purple shimmer which unfortunately doesn't translate to the nail.

(Sorry about that stray animal hair.....)

I hope you guys like my swatches.  I'm so glad I found this Etsy store, cause she has some absolutely stunning looking polishes I want to buy!

Edit:  I had to come back, cause I'm an idiot.  These polishes ARE scented!  LOL!  There looks to be 7 different scents and I picked "Surprise Me" for the scent, so I really don't know what scents there are.  And I feel like an idiot not realizing that they were scented when I bought them!! LOL!


  1. All of these are pretty! Love the look the glitter has on the colors :)

  2. I enjoyed the Last Unicorn movie, as well. These polishes capture the characters very well, and I have to say that I'm intrigued by their little charms. I've bookmarked the shop! =)
    One thing I wonder: you didn't mention anything about topcoat. Would you be able to smell these polishes after adding a topcoat? I'm thinking probably not, but I thought I would ask in case you used it and could still smell them. Thanks!

  3. The scent didn't last long, that's why I thought I was going crazy thinking these were scented. They definitely aren't as strong as Cirque polishes, which I could smell even with the topcoat on. And yes, I did apply topcoat. : )

  4. ooh all are stunning, I can't decide which one I like the most! & How cool about the different scents.

    I love your childhood movie story, I have a movie that does the same thing for me, but I actually forgot all about after a while and then remembered but couldn't think of the name for a while as it wasn't a very popular movie, but eventually did & had to re-buy it on VHS hehe xx

  5. omg the glittery flakes are so so beautiful, especially the one in lilac! <3

    Check out my new grungy outfit post featuring a new label in Australia! :)



  6. i love book and movie inspired polishes. i haven't seen the last unicorn in ages but i used to love it as a kid. thanks for introducing me to this seller.

  7. The Red Bull is soooo pretty! I love it ♥. And how lovely that these are inspired by something you enjoy so much!

  8. I love that certain things, be it movie, TV show, cartoon's etc, can make me feel like such a kid again!

  9. You're very welcome! She has some awesome polishes based on other movies/TV shows. I'm excited to buy more polishes from her!

  10. I don't think I could have been more excited when I found these polishes! And I LOVE The Red Bull too!


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