Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sephora - Grapefruit

Hiya!  Hope you all have fantastic weather like we do here in the PNW.  It's finally summer!  I got some weeding done this morning (our backyard looks like a jungle with lots of doggy land mines if you catch my drift).  I really wish we had one of those awesome backyards everyone wanted to just hang out in...but we don't.  Maybe one day!

Since yesterday Friday was the official first day of summer, I thought I would show an awesome summer combo for you guys.  I bought this polish from Sephora on clearance for like two bucks or something a few months ago.  I finally pulled it out, and not sure why I waited so long to wear it.  I mean it combines two of my favorite polish shades ever.  Coral AND gold shimmer!

This is the Sephora shade simply called Grapefruit.  It's one of those annoying two sided polishes with the color and a topcoat.  It's also grapefruit scented.

The topcoat reminds me of China Glaze White Cap, which I believe I have yet to wear. (Don't beat me Rach!)

I think this would be a magnificent pedi color!

Anyone else pick up this stunning deal?


  1. They have an old CND polish called Toxic Perfection on the site you might want to check out. I have and love it...and for some unknown reason they are selling it for $1!!!


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