Friday, June 21, 2013

Sation by Miss Professional Nail Swatches and Review

Hi guys!  I have a great review for you today.  I was hoping to get these up sooner, but, well, as I mentioned yesterday, I've had a crazy week!

I was sent a few polishes to review from Miss Professional Nail.  I don't have a lot of experience with Sation polishes, I believe I only have two.  The polishes I have purchased I got from TJ Maxx, I've heard rumors that some TJ Maxx's actually have full displays of Sation polishes, though I haven't seen them.  They can be purchased from Miss Professional Nail for between $5 and $7.

Lets get on with it!

First up is Paint Some Sugar on Me.  This is from the Candylandia collection.  It's a jelly formula (as are most of the polishes from this collection I received).  I applied two coats, the first was a bit patchy, but it evened out by the second coat.

I absolutely LOVE this one!  It reminds me of China Glaze Skyscraper, though they are very different.  The silver shimmer wasn't as hidden as it looks in these pictures.

It really didn't look as sheer as it does here.

Lollipop! Goes the Princess - I  *L*O*V*E the name!  So cute!  This is from the Candylandia collection too.

The application on this one was good.  I wore two coats, but once I put topcoat on, it left it a bit streaky, and it changed the color a bit.  Otherwise, yay, periwinkle! : )

Queenie in a Bottle - from the Candylandia collection, is a lovely pink jelly.  I applied three coats, and it has an absolutely gorgeous formula.  Even with three coats, it dried lightning quick.

On my ring finger I'm wearing Miss & Makeup. Which is an awesome, awesome glitter!  It's so....uhh...biker chick?  LOL, I dunno!  It's a combo of shredded black glitter, shredded holo shards (seriously, they look like shards!), really, really fine bar glitter, huge pink hexes a smattering of holo glitter.  It's seriously fun!

I wasn't crazy about it with Queenie in a Bottle, but you will see it again below.

Of Corset I'll Call You - This one is from the Miss Antoinette collection.  This one applied just like Queenie in a Bottle.  It was a lovely jelly/creme formula, that applied perfectly with three coats and dried quickly.

This is the combo of Miss & Makeup I loved.  It's so fun!

I'm So Ogre It - from the Candyladia collection is a gray jelly. A GRAY JELLY!  Who else makes that?  It applied perfectly like the others in two coats.

Unicorns are Teal - from the Candylandia collection.  Would I have bought this if I hadn't been sent this?  Yes....uhh, hello!  The name! Of course I would!  Again, this applied like all the other jelly/creme's and was absolutely perfect.

 And last, but not least is Confessions of a Nail Tech.  Which by the way, doesn't look anything like it does at that link.  It also says that it's a clear base, but you can obviously see, its a sheer pink base.  There is two different pink hexes, small and large holo hexes, an itsy bitsy amount of tiny bar glitter.

I applied it over Zoya Ragan and Shelby, and like it better over the darker pink.  I did find I had to apply the hexes a little, but it wasn't bad.

I'm soooo impressed with these polishes.  I didn't have any difficulties with any of these, and almost all of them were flawless to apply.  I just wish there was some place local where I could see all the awesome glitter, cause they look so awesome!  I'm going to have to buy some!

I really hope you guys enjoyed my review, have you found anything you need??

**These products sent for review.  Review my disclosure policy for more info.


  1. I think I need Paint Some Sugar on Me. <3
    So sad they're quite impossible to find here!

  2. Beautiful collection! The glitters are so pretty and interesting too. Great post!


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