Saturday, June 8, 2013


Hey-yo!  I've had a little too much to drink right now.  My last drunk post seemed to get a lot of buzz...mybe I'm just imagining that though.  I dunno, I dunno.

I've had a crazy week, and it's only going to continue for the next two weeks.  Only thing good bout that is the paycheck!  Hey-yo!!  I hate working overtime.  

Wow, am I being random?  Hey-yo, it works with this title of this random post.  Damn it, I wish I could concentrate on this post.  Fuck!  I can't at all.  Anyways, enjoy these two random manis I wore recently.

I think this combo is LA Splash Pink Lavender and Pure Ice Affair to Remember as a gradient.

Finger Paints Colorful Collage and Julep Carrie.  This one was super fucking blingy.  Barbie nails to the fucking extreme!

Can I just say how much I love having picture saved up for times like this when I want to write a post but don't want to go through the hassle of finding pics to post.  

God I love summer beer.

Random, but I'm watching bloopers of Fringe right now.  I love bloodpers....they make me laugh.

Bye y'all!! Haappy Saturday~!


  1. Both manicures are so pretty! The gradient one is really subtle and the other one is so blingy! :)

  2. Love that first manicure! <3

  3. Both are beautiful, great combinations :)


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