Monday, June 24, 2013

OPI - Funny Bunny

Hello there!  I'm just sitting here counting down the days to my camping vacation.  Angie is in major need of some time away!  I had the bright idea of getting squirt guns as there are going to be 4 adults and 2 teens.  Doesn't that sound like fun?  Anyways, when I was at Target yesterday, I found a UNICORN squirt gun!  OMFG I might have freaked out a little.  You know I picked that shit up! LOL.

So I've shown this polish before.  It actually happens to be my most searched post ever, which I find kind of weird.  While I LOVE squishy sheer white jelly's, I wouldn't think it was so popular with other people.  So I wanted to reswatch it, and have better pictures out there, cause I really don't like my first try!

This is OPI's Funny Bunny.  Is this a core color?  I think it might be.  I'm pretty sure this is two coats, but it could very well be three.  This is one of those colors I think looks good when you see a little VNL.

Gaaaahhh, I really love this color!

So squeeeessssshhhhhyyyy!!

I really wanted to wear a dark eggplant purple on my wedding day (whenever that may be, seriously, still no plans!), but I'm very, very tempted to wear this one!  It looks great with my ring! : )

This is seriously still one of my favorite colors!


  1. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. I love this polish!

  2. It kinda looks like marshmallow fluf! It is pretty on you :).

  3. Holy crap! 3 bottles?!?! I just realized as I was looking at these pics again today, that I need a back up bottle, maybe two! : )

  4. Its the perfect white jelly! No streaking!

  5. Its worth having for the fact it applies like a dream, no streaking! I can deal with three coats if there isn't any streakiness.

  6. Yup, unicorn water gun! Epic!

  7. Right?!? I searched years for a polish like this one.

  8. Thanks Deborah! And mmm....marshmallow fluff! : )


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