Sunday, June 2, 2013

Nicole by OPI - Cinna-man of my Dreams

Hey guys!  I forgot I hadn't given an update on my dog Harvey.  He's doing well.  We did another echocardiogram a week ago, and it came back good.  The cardiologist couldn't find anything abnormal with his heart (we were worried about a tumor at the base of his heart).  When this all first started 6 months ago, the cardiologist said that some older Labs have an idiopathic/benign arrhythmia.  $1600 later I'm fine with that.  We are adding another medication to help regulate his heart beat.  His heart will still have to be monitored every few months, but I'm glad that he's got a better outcome than what I expected.  There is still the chance of sudden death......but, I will try not to worry about that.

This is the only polish from the new NOPI Gumdrops collection I bought.  It was too unusual not to pick it up.  This is Nicole by OPI Cinna-man of my Dreams.  It's like the textured version of NOPI Just Busta Mauve.  It's got some blue sparkles in it which I couldn't pick up.

Blah!!  If it's not obvious, I haven't been taking good care of my cuticles.  Shame, shame on me!

This looks really awesome in the bottle.

My camera had a hard time focusing this close.

I tried to show the blue sparkle, but it refused to show.

Anyone else pick up this unique textured polish?


  1. Great to hear that your dog is doing better. The polish looks really pretty! Definitely unique :)

  2. Hope he continues to do well. I'm so jealous of your long nail beds!

  3. Hello you have a new follow via the hobby polish bloggers facebook page :)

    Beautiful swatches, love that polish!

  4. Okay, I am astounded by these polishes! (and I considered myself a nail polish fanatic..silly silly me.)
    But I keep seeing glitter and texture, and whenever I use glitter (which I now use sparingly, despite the fact that I absolutely love me my sparkles) its such a pain to get off! (that's why I use it sparingly...) Does everybody end up sloughing it off, sparkle by sparkle, or is that just me being oblivious to some glaringly obvious solution?
    Well, there you see my rant of the day... I hope you have a wonderful day, even with all that hanging over you like an annoying gray cloud. :)

  5. Thank you! I'm glad he's doing ok too.

    I love these textures with different colors like this. Gives it lovely dimension.

  6. I'm glad he's doing ok too.

    It's funny, I always wanted shorter nail beds (still do), but I think that people with short nail beds want long ones, and vise versa, lol.

  7. Some textures are super easy to remove, since they aren't glitter at all. Some have glitter, or are primarily glitter and are harder.

  8. This one is SO good! A very unsual color and I loooove the textured finish.


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