Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Zoya - Amy

Good evening my friends!  Hope you all don't mind a short post tonight, I'm dead tired after work today.  But, well, I need to get caught up on my posts.  I have almost 30 waiting in my drafts folder, wowza!

This lovely orange goddess of a polish is Zoya Amy.  And she is an absolute stunner!  I'm not huge into orange polishes, but whew was this gorgeous and glow-y!  Zoya sure knows have to to do those glass fleck shimmers!

This is another polish that would have fit perfectly in the Zoya Sunshine collection. So, so beautiful!


  1. What a pretty burnt orange :)

  2. This looks UH-MAZING on you dear! Wow!

  3. Thanks girl! It is amazing isn't it?


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