Sunday, May 19, 2013

NCLA Nail Wrap Review - Aly En Vogue

Hey guys!  I have something a little different today.  Different because I've never tried this kinda product before, and I've always been a little weary.  I was contacted by Nail Polish Canada asking if I wanted to try some of these NCLA Nail Wraps and I jumped at the chance.  I've always wanted to try some, I even have quite a few different sets, but have never worked up the nerve to use them.  Mainly I haven't wanted to try them cause they looks stiff, and lift at the corners, which would drive me bonkers. 

Read on for my thoughts on these!

These are the two I chose: Aly En Vogue (the floral one) and Stephanie's Galaxy.

The kit comes with two sheets of 22 wraps each, a nail file and instructions.

The first one I chose to try was Aly En Vogue.  Each wrap has a different lovely floral design.  I love that it's not all the same design on each wrap.  You can see in a couple pics above that each side has a different color for the chevron (is this a chevron design?).  One side is a nude, and the other is a peachy pink.

Now, for the review.  These were easier than I expected them to be.  BUT, they were still a PITA for a few of my nails.  What I mean by that is a few of my nails (and when I say that I mean ALMOST all of my nails) are curved from cuticle to tip.  And I found that these do not apply easy to nails like that.  My pinky and ring finger nails on both hands are fairly strait from cuticle to tip, but the rest of my fingers have a slight curve.  What I found was that these wraps would wrinkle at that curve in my nail.

I also found these difficult to size.  It's hard to figure out the size you need when you put into consideration the side to side curve of the nail.  My nails are very curved, so I found that I would pick a wrap thinking it would fit, and it would be really too small.  You will also see I picked a size a little too big for my middle finger and had some overlapping of my cuticle.

Another thing to note is that these are hard to fix if you place them wrong.  You have to place them right the first time, cause if don't, and try to fix them, they stretch A LOT, and become warped and wrinkle (you can see evidence of that on the side of my ring finger).

The other thing I didn't like, is when you file off the tip, I can't stand the sight of bare tips.  I'm someone that wraps her tips, so seeing nekked-ness there drives me batty.

See the wrinkle in the curve of my nail.

I sound highly critical of these, because, well I'm a perfectionist.  These actually do look good from far away, but again, I'm a perfectionist so knowing that they weren't perfect, drove me crazy.  I took these off pretty soon after.

I'm pretty sure these are easier to apply than other wraps, especially if you have strait nails, but alas, I think this kinda product wasn't made for nails like mine!

These and other NCLA products can be purchased at Nail Polish Canada.  They have a wide range of a lot of different polishes and nail art supplies.

**This product was sent for review.


  1. Omigosh these do look like a pain. Unfortunately! The designs are beautiful. I quit using nail strips because of similar issues and if you look at your nails all the time it's totally understandable why it would drive you nuts! But amazing review, great job and thanks! :)

  2. Nice review on these! I really like the designs but I've never had luck with nail stickers and these look like no exception to that.

  3. Great review, I have quite curved nails too so I think I'll pass these. Though the design looks STUNNING!


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