Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Leopard print nail art!

First off, let me thank you guys for your sweet words on my last post.  I just get so overwhelmed by grief about my dog and cat(s).  Harvey had his ultrasound yesterday which came back normal, so no we move on to doing another echocardiogram.  So we'll see.

Lookit me and all my nail art!  Deborah is the queen of free hand leopard print and after Loqi's rainbow leopard print mani, I felt like I finally had to try it.  While I look at it and see flaws now, I was really proud of myself!  I had actually said I was only going to do one nail, as well, I'm lazy, but as you can see, I just went for it, and it actually didn't take so long.

In hindsight, next time I will make the spots smaller.  I didn't realize I had made them so big.  For the colors I used all the colors from the Color Club Poptastic collection (whoa, look at all those "colors" in one sentence!).

I actually got a lot of compliments on this one, even though now all I see are the flaws.

Anyways, I'm finishing off my morning with a long Archer marathon, and I have to get back to this......

I'm sorry....this just killed me.....and all the "Are you coming?" jokes?  I die....


  1. Pretty! I need to try out a leopard print manicure now :)

  2. YES these are amazeballs! Love them! And just don't watch too close, you always see flaws with your nose on your nail ;).

  3. Very cute. Love it on this nude base.

  4. Archer! <33333 Danger zone! Lol. This is adorable, I love the rainbow on nude, keeps it classy yet totally fun too. Really like seeing you do nail art posts :)


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