Tuesday, May 21, 2013

LA Splash - Retro

Hey guys!!  Anybody else excited that Long Island Medium is back on?  I LOVE Theresa!  She's the kinda person I could just hang out with!  She's so fun!

Anyways, this polish I'm showing you today is a stunner.  It came in a package with two other polishes and 4 pots of loose glitter.  I found it at Ross for like $6.99 and got it because one of the glitter pots has neon glitter, and I HAD to pick it up.  The fact that this polish was there definitely helped in the decision as well.

This color is named Retro.  I'm assuming its called Retro cause it's that retro seafoam green color from the....what, 50's?.....60s?.....I just call it mint. lol.

As I started to apply this, I was SHOCKED by the medium size gold glitter.  I didn't expect it at all, I thought it was just gold shimmer in the bottle.

This is a really beautiful polish.  Really, really beautiful.

Anyone else pick up these little LA Splash kits?


  1. What a pretty polish! :) Love the shimmer and glitter in it :)

  2. Whoa, this is lovely ... how did I never know about this polish?! It looks great on you!

  3. It is great, right?!? I've never heard of it ether, but then again, I always walk on by the LA Splash section when I see it. Ooops, who knows, this might be some hidden gem in their display.


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