Saturday, April 27, 2013

Julie G - Hot Cinnamon

I know.....I know.....the textured polish is kinda getting outta control.  I still like them, but I'm not all "I need all the textured polishes!".  I really like the textured polishes with shimmer, or contrasting glitter or chunky glitter.  I actually bought, and quickly returned OPI Vesper.  I really, really disliked it.  For whatever reason, the polish didn't dry matte, it was just shinny and sandy.  I dunno, I really disliked it!

I really had no desire to buy this collection.  I thought it looked a lot like other polishes out there, and in reality, it seems like these textured polishes have a lot of dupes out there.  Once Groupon offered the whole Julie G Gumdrops collection for $21 and some changed, I just couldn't not pick them up, right?!?

This is the first I picked out to wear, and its freaking awesome!  This is Julie G's Hot Cinnamon.  I only got 1 decent pic of it....didn't notice how blurry the pics turned out till, well, I downloaded them to my computer.  Womp womp......

*sigh* These textured polishes are really hard to photograph just how awesome they are.  You can see how cool this looks int he bottle with the gold and fuchsia shimmer.  And all that awesome shimmer does show up on the nail when applied.  There is something so cool about having a matte polish, yet it sparkles with all the sparkly shimmer/glitter.

This color was puuuuuurrrrrfect at one coat, but I applied two cause I like the debth two adds.  It also applied basically by itself.  Y'all know what I mean right when I say a polish applied by itself.  You know, when a polish applies exactly where you want it, god I love polishes like that!

I purposefully made this pic blurry to show the sparkle *wink wink*.

I think I might like this polish more than Zoya Chyna, which I thought would be hard to beat! (I know, I'm a bad blogger cause I haven't even shown that polish!). This is more a cool toned red with gold and fuchsia shimmer, while Chyna is the sandy base with red glitter.  It reminds me of Dorothy's slippers from Wizard of Oz!  I could not stop staring at these nails!

On an unrelated note, anyone watch Hemlock Grove?  I just started watching it and actually find myself really liking it.  Its not the kind of series I usually like (something about vampires and werewolves I'm just not into).  There's something about it that reminds me of Lost.  Like there's a big "secret" that's just hanging above everything.  BUT, I find myself almost completely lost, like the writing is kinda all over the place.  The characters will be talking and I just don't understand what they are talking about.....I almost feel like we started on the second season or something, that's how lost I feel.  Anyways....anyone else watch it?

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