Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Hands - Nursery Rhymes

Hi guys, hope you all are having a great Tuesday.  I just got back from seeing The Host with my guy.  I have to admit to not knowing anything about the movie, except that it was a book, and it was written by the same writer that wrote Twilight.  I HATE Twilight with a passion.  Seriously, the movies are the worst things I have ever seen.  I've never had any interest in reading the books, but my guy loves vampire movies, so he's made me watch each and every Twilight movie.  

I'm kinda surprised I was actually willing to see The Host, and it wasn't really that bad.  It was different than I expected, not quite sure what I was expecting.  I find myself easily attached to characters, and could easily see myself caring about "Wanda" but found that I really didn't, she/he/it was just blah.  There were definitely some real eye rolling moments, but it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be.

So I'm on a roll with all these indies.  I don't know whats gotten into me!  When I first saw swatches of this and the other Happy Hands polish I got, I couldn't pass them up.  They're just too cute!!

This is Happy Hands Nursery Rhymes.  I kinda wish I had gotten this before Easter, as this is very Easter-y. I'm not usually a fan of shaped glitter, but I really like the way they look in this polish (and the other polish I got).

Nursery Rhymes is a nice soft yellow jelly base with small a aqua glitter, larger pastel pink hex's and larger purple hex's.  There is also a sprinkling of pastel purple and pink stars with a tiny helping of baby blue/aqua stars.  I found the blue/aqua stars weren't as plentiful as the other two colors.

The formula on this was great, and it dried super quick.  I found it dried so quick that it was getting clumpy on the brush stem.  I didn't have to fish out the star glitter at all, and found that all the glitter but the stars stayed where they were placed, the stars had to be placed on the last stroke (if that makes sense?).

I applied three coats as two was a little too sheer for me, and I wanted more glitter.  I love how this looks like a typical jelly sandwich without it being.

Please ignore my topcoat bubbles.  My topcoat has gotten thick.

The only issue I have with this polish is some of t stars don't lay flat.  Especially if they were added on the last coat.  As you can see on my pinkie, the star isn't curved to my nail.  I really can only feel the stars on my pinkie nails since they are so curved.  Despite the purple star on my middle and pink star on my index might look like, I can't actually feel them.  Not a big deal really, as a lot of shaped glitters like these don't fit the contours of my nails.

What do you guys think of this polish?  Is this not the cutest, Spring polish ever?


  1. This is so adorable :). Thanks for posting!

  2. Pastel yellow is a hard color to pull off, and I really like this one! Thanks for the comment!

  3. I agree! Thanks for the comment!

  4. Hmmm... though the yellow suits you, I am not a fan. But I never really liked shaped glitter besides the regular shapes ;-).

  5. I'm not a huge fan of shaped glitter ether, but I couldn't help but think these stars are so cute!


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