Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Estee Lauder - Extravagant Night

Hello there!  This post took a little longer to post as I wrote it up before I took the pics, and when I woke up the next day to take pics, my Essence Better Than Gel Top Coat TOTALLY shrunk the mani.  So I had to apply it again yesterday just so I could get decent pics.

 So one thing you guys may not know about me, is I'm not "extravagant".  I don't know how to dress, I wear yoga pants and sweatshirts most of the time.  High end cosmetics intimidate me.  That's not to say I wear cheap makeup, but the high end stuff I avoid.  I almost feel too low class for the high end cosmetics like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Guerlain and the like...maybe it is cause I can't afford it....I'm sure that's *part* of it :) .

Well I was at The Cosmetic Company Store (which BTW, how does that store work?  Do you pick up one of the testers and take it up to an employee?  That place makes me feel like an idiot, cause I'm too shy to ask....lol...) and I guess it was lusting after Chanel Taboo something fierce, cause I picked this color up.

Maybe it was the desire to own something high end and "extravagant" cause I ended up picking this color up.  This is Estee Lauder Extravagant Night.  And this color is gorgeous, stunning in fact.

I can't seem to tell what the color of the base of this is though.  It's kinda a mauve-y brown with some really gorgeous, heavy, duochrome shimmer (I'm pretty sure there is a small helping of holo glitter mixed in too).  The shimmer flashes fuchsia, copper and gold.  There is also some irregular shaped silver glitter mixed in.  It's kinda like if Orly Space Cadet, Mac Bad Fairy and some glitter had a baby with a brown polish.  It's crazy complex!

 It was really thin, I have three coats on here, and I could have added another.  Edit: This applied fine with two coats the second time I applied, but applied three due to some balding.

I also included pics of what this looked like last week when I applied it.  You can see how crazy the shrinkage is.  And jeez, my nails grow like crazy!  Look how much longer the first pics look then the one above.  That's only a week a growth!

This was totally worth the $12.75 I paid for it.  Cause it's pretty, and it makes me feel fancy!

p.s. I still want Chanel Taboo.....(I caved and bought it last night.......)


  1. WOW, your nails DO grow quickly! Lovely color - and how luxurious does it feel to have an high end polish ;-)? Too bad the Essence topcoat shrunk it!

  2. I know, it's crazy how fast they grow! I'm not complaining though!

    And yes, it is nice buying a high end polish every once in a while!


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