Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Savina - Carnival

I am SO ready for warmer weather to get here, I'm skipping right to summer colors!  The last two days it has been absolutely stunning here in the PNW which is odd since we just had about 3 inches of snow at my house on Friday!  I'm telling ya, Washington has such weird weather sometimes!

I busted out this old Savina polish of mine that I've had forever.  I never see Savina swatches out there which I find weird, cause they really have some really unique polishes.  One of the oldest polishes in my current stash is a really old Savina that's probably 16 years old?  I remember buying it when I was a freshman in high school.

Anyways, I wore this polish yesterday cause it was so sunny out, and I thought this was perfect.  This color is called Carnival, and it's a REALLY hot pink with holo glitter in it.  It's much more saturated and HOT pink than what my pictures portray.  My camera really hates neon colors.

Now, one thing to note about this polish is the holo glitter sinks into the base when you apply.  I HAAAATE that!!  This also dries matte, and it needs extra top coat due to the glitter.  Because the holo glitter sinks, I used a couple coats of Out The Door's Northern Lights in silver.  That helped with the holo sparkle. 

There's a really subtle purple flash to this polish that makes it even more eye searing.

I can't help but feel like Barbie when I wear this color!

Any of you guys have Savina polishes?


  1. wow, this looks gorgeous though! I agree about our weather!! I am so looking forward to this weekend its supposed to be upper 60's! :)

  2. Oooh, 60's?!? You know what that means! The convertibles and shorts are coming out! Only in WA do you see people walking around in shorts, and in convertibles at 60 degree weather! lol

  3. Ooh gorgeous! But um...you have a 16 yr old polish!!? :)

  4. Stunning pink!! I really love the tiny glitters in it, so gorgeous! And neon colours + camera = disaster xD xD I always get angry when trying to take a photo of really bright colours, it's nothing like reality usually xD

  5. Yeah, I've got quite a few old polishes since they never go bad! And even when they have separated you can always fix them!

  6. You really can't go wrong with a hot pink!

  7. Yeah, neon's are so hard to capture, but I got pretty accurate here.


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