Monday, March 4, 2013

Lush Lacquer - Clowning Around w/Zoya Skittles!

Morning ladies!  The sun is out!  And the grass is frosty!  I kinda love winter mornings like this.  Sunny but cold.  It's mother nature saying spring is on the way!

 Day two of neon glitters!  This is Lush Lacquer's Clowning Around.  I saw this polish swatched over pastel's and I thought I would try it that way too.  So I chose all of the Zoya Lovely collection (minus Piaf) which I realized I never posted.  I wore them all, and even wrote up a post.  Maybe one day I will post it.

Zoya Gie Gie on index, Julie on middle, Neely on ring (my FAVORITE from the collection, I've worn it 3 times already!) and Zoya Blu on pinky.  I'm wearing Zoya Jacqueline on my thumb which you can see below.

I think the neon glitters looks awesome over pastel's.  When I grabbed all these colors I really didn't think it would work, but I LOVE how it turned out!  I do think it looks better over the creme's and wish I would have picked a different pink and lavender as I think the shimmer in Gie Gie and Julie was too much.

I have to apologize for my camera, it just wouldn't focus! 

 This polish has an INSANE amount of different color and different size glitters.  I've read other reviews which said this had a pink tinted base, but the base in mine looks clear.

Ah, there's my thumb!

I could not get a focused bottle shot of this.  My camera absolutely refused!  It was like "nah-ah, no way!". But it looks absolutely in-freaking-sane in the bottle!

Well I think I'm going to go get dressed, and spend sometime with my old man dog out in the sun!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm just loving all of the swatches of these!

  2. It kind of reminds me of a neon splatter manicure. Your swatches are beautiful and fun.

  3. Wow, this looks amazing! I love it over those colors too! Enjoy the sun even if its chilly! :) I am loving it. Can't wait for warmer weather though!

  4. How beautiful! I'm delighted! I'd love to have a glass. Glitter wonderful! Kisses!

  5. I'm surprised neon goes with pastels. I probably would never have thought of it had I not seen swatches of it over pastels.

    This is seriously my favorite time of year in WA. When its chilly and sunny at the same time! I am kinda looking forward to it being a little warmer though. : )

  6. Aww, thank you! I was surprised at how eye catching it was wearing this!

  7. I know, they are so fun! I kinda want the other colors now!

  8. Awesome combo. Never seen 'clowning around' before, love this effect! Its very Pinkie Pie somehow.
    Agree with you on the shimmer.


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