Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Victoria's Secret - Break The Rules

Hiya!  Hope you all are well!  I'm in another rut.  I freaking hate it dude!  There is so much stress right now with work, and I keep bringing it home with me, which sucks for everyone here at home.  I really need to find a new job, but I really want something that I love, which is just too difficult to find. *sigh*, anyways....

Lookit this pretty polish!  This is Victoria's Secret Break the Rules.  It's a teal glitter (despite the very blue it looks here) with micro and large hex teal glitter with a sprinkle of indigo blue glitter thrown in.  It's very similar to this glitter I showed recently, but obviously different colors.

This is a full coverage glitter, but I had used one of the Color Club Halo Hues as a base....but you obviously can't see it.  I used two coats for what you see here.  The only problem, is I got a bottle that someone used in store.  Does anyone else get livid when they see someone try polish on in the store, then put it back?  OMG, are you serious?!?  Seriously, it effing pissed me off!  Anyway, my bottle sucks, I can't seem to get all the polish and glitter out of the threads of the cap....thus, the polish is very goopy since it's drying out.  While the formula was actually quite good despite this, it bunch up a bit, and was a little lumpy.

Despite the crappy bottle I got, I still like this.  What I don't like?  My dry cuticles!  I haven't felt like taking care of my hands like I usually do, and it shows.  Because of all my stress, I just haven't felt that "into" my polish and nails.  It's so sad!  

And just cause I don't want to end as such a downer, watch this video.  I will first off say, I HATE the Harlem Shake.....I'm seriously so sick of it, BUT, there is one character in this video I can't take my eye's off, and I laugh every time!  Let me know if you think you know which one I'm talking about!


  1. Wow. This polish has beautiful glitter. Lovee!

    P.S. I am giving away a chic pair of glasses on my blog. Do enter! ♥

  2. That polish color is seriously amazing!

  3. That video was too funny! And I like the polish a lot too.

  4. That walrus is so so awesome <3 working his big fat belly! It sucks when you loose motivation and I can imagine stress at work does not help. Hopefully it'll become better or you find something you do love!

    This glitter looks jummy, but it sucks that someone already used it! I wish they'd wrap all make-up properly.

  5. Thanks for the kind words my friend! They mean a lot.

    And you nailed it! That damn walrus! So funny! I kept watching this over and over, doing his ab workout!! You can't help but watch him! lol!

    And I agree, I wish they would have a safety seal on polishes! Don't have to put much, something like the little piece of tape Butter London puts on their polish. You can't even see its there, but you would know if it had been opened.

  6. The video is pretty funny, I love the walrus!

  7. Gorgeous glitter!
    Too bad you got a used bottle though... :-/


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