Thursday, February 28, 2013

Essence - Peach Beauty

Hey guys!  Hope you've all had a great week.  I feel like mine has just gone on forever!  But only a day an a half for my weekend.  I don't have any plans, at least I don't think I do.  I do that a lot, make plans, and forget I've made them, lol.  I'm a wee bit of a scatter brain at times.  Yet at the same time, I'm incredibly organized.  Actually, I like to call it organized chaos.  Yup, that's me!

So the polish I'm showing you today is kinda random.  I was at Fred Meyer's about a week ago, and found a new untouched Essence collection called Fruity.  I actually bought all the polishes and also the blush sorbet.  I was so excited when I got home, I posted about a "new" collection on my FB polish group, just to be told it was an old collection from last year.  Hmm.....

Well I believe this was a collection that wasn't released here in the states.  So I guess it's new here. : )

I believe this color is called Peach Beauty.  None of the polishes have names on them, but you can find their names by googling.  

Peach Beauty is well, a creamy peach color with a slight shimmer to it.  It also has some small fuchsia glitter in it.  I'm *pretty* sure I'm wearing 3 coats.  But it could very well be 2.  It's a wee bit sheer, so you might notice the yellowing of your nails like me....

I'm just kinda "meh" about this polish.  But then again, I've said it before, I'm not crazy about milky glitters like this.  Throw in there some different size, different color glitter in a milky polish, and sold! Now that's my kinda milky glitter!

Hope you all have a good night!  It's my bed time (9:00).....I'm such an old lady!! : )


  1. I quite like milky polishes like this but I don't feel this one is peachy enough for me. It's still nice though, a little different from the ones I usually see.

  2. I like the fuchsia glitter in it a lot.

  3. I don't know, I never really liked these I guess. It is funny though they somehow showed up just now over there!


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