Monday, February 4, 2013

Color Club Halo Hues - Cherubic, Kismet, Harp On It and Eternal Beauty

Hey guys, hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I was really under the weather Saturday and yesterday, so I spent most of the weekend sleeping.  I feel a bit better today.

So I finally gave in when the new Color Club Halo Hues came out.  I bought all of them, the 2012 and the new 2013.  I really don't *need* all new holo's, but who am I kidding, I WANTED them!  Besides, there's one color I don't have a holo of.

Sorry, I don't have the whole collection's swatched here, cause I like to wear my colors, then take pics of them.  But I'm going to break it up into 3 parts.

Color Club Cherubic

 I was most excited for this color.  I love a good nude, and hey, holo?  Even better!  I actually have two holo nudes in my collection (China Glaze Cyberspace and Butter London All Hail the Queen), but nether of them are linear holo's like this one.

 Color Club Kismet

This is the color I don't have any holo's of.  Kismet is a golden light green.

Fun fact about me: I had a horse named Kismet (or Kizzy for short).  Kismet has always been a meaningful word for me as I've always believed in fate. 

Color Club Harp On It

 Harp On It is your standard silver holo.

 Color Club Eternal Beauty

 Eternal Beauty is a lovely dark purple.  I actually don't have a dark purple.  Have many purples, but none that are dark like this.

These are awesome, easy to apply holo's.  The holo isn't the most strong I have, but the fact that they are easy to apply, and don't drag makes them worth it!


  1. Wow I love kismet! And eternal beauty...those must be part of the new ones? Too bad they stopped shipping polish over here those are really nice!

  2. Eternal Beauty is gorgeous! Also love the nude one but I own China Glaze Spinning Round which is great too!

  3. Kismet and Eternal Beauty are a couple of the 2013 colors, and they are awesome! Where are you at now that won't ship polish?

  4. I think everyone needs to have a great nude holo!

    Eternal Beauty is lovely isn't it?

  5. great swatches. Out of curiosity, what is the most holo polish you own?

  6. These are amazing and so gorgeous. Eternal Beauty is my favorite because I love purple, but the others are just as great.

  7. Thank you! I think the most holo polish's I own are the SH Nail Makeup's, DS Original and the Layla's. Basically all the really impossible to apply holo's.

  8. I know, I really like Eternal Beauty. I thought I didn't have a dark purple holo then I realized I have ChG Virtual Violet, but this one has a more linear holo effect.

  9. I agree. Rarely do I buy a whole collection of polishes, but I bought both of these (though I probably didn't need all the pinks they include).

  10. I just love these! I might have to pick up a couple from this new collection!

  11. Yup! I gave in and ordered these too. I still need to get the 2013 set, but the 2012 are all mine :D

  12. I couldn't resist! I think I might be good on holo's until something unique comes around!

  13. The purple and black are definitely worth picking up!


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