Monday, January 7, 2013

China Glaze Urban-Night feat. Champagne Kisses

Hiya, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  We had our second Christmas yesterday and it was bunches of fun.  I got some money from my guys dad, so I'm going out today and buying a much needed new Helmer.  I've got two "Melmers" right now holding my polish collection, but I have grown out of them months ago.  Right now I have my polishes that don't fit in my Melmers in a box....but that box is overflowing.  I'm hoping that the extra drawers of the Helmer will contain everything that's in this overflow box.  We will see!

These pics were taken weeks ago (as you can tell with the longer nails).  *sigh* Blurry pics again!  Anyways, I had found ChG Urban-Night a few weeks ago at TJ Maxx for like $2.99!  Score!  It's a really, really lovely eggplant creme.  The formula on it was really crummy though.  My bottle was super duper runny and thin.  I could have done with three coats.  You can see some balding on my pinky.

On my ring finger I applied two easy coats of ChG Champagne Kisses which was IMPOSABLE for me to find!  I swear, everywhere that carried the ChG 2012 Christmas collection NEVER had this polish in.  I finally found it and snatched it up right away!  Yay for more ChG micro glitters!

I quite liked this combo.  This is me thinking outside the box a little, and not doing an accent nail in a similar color as the rest of the nails.  That seems to be a problem with me.

I am officially on a low-buy.  I can't put myself on a no-buy as I just don't think I would follow through with it.  I placed two orders this morning.  One for the Zoya deal going on now.   I got the whole Lovely collection which I rarely ever do.  I just love everything about the collection!  I also placed an order with a-England since they have Dragon on sale.  I've wanted Dragon since it came out, but it was sold out at the time I bought it (along with St. George).  So I now have Dragon and St. George on their way to me (I told you Deborah, I would get it....just didn't think it would be so soon!).

Anyone else get anything during the Zoya sale?  Whatcha get?


  1. This is a gorgeous combo! I got $$ for Christmas and I'm getting a Helmer, too! Yay! I ordered Jancyn, Aurora and Lucy from Zoya!

  2. What a beautiful colour! They go so well together!

  3. You're going to love having a Helmer. I have THREE LOL, I will admit though that the third one is only half full. I am not using a Melmer for makeup and to hold my contacts LOL

  4. I already need another! I thought it would solve some of my space problems, but it really didn't, lol! I was hoping I would have enough space to hold my nail care and nail art stuff, but I think I'm going to have to use that Melmer for that stuff. I was hoping it would serve to hold some of my makeup.

  5. Oooh, you're going to LOVE Aurora! Such a pretty polish!

  6. I actually thought of you when I noticed Dragon was on sale :D! It was meant to be ♥. You'll love them! I am wondering, can you order that Zoya promo under a different name but with an address that has been used?

  7. I'm so excited to have Dragon and St George in my life!

    I've heard instances where Zoya has cancelled orders that are being shipped to the same address, so I don't think they allow it.


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