Monday, November 26, 2012

Urban Outfitters - Silver Holo

Hope you all don't mind one more post today!  Besides, it's a pretty good one!  Here is the other Urban Outfitters holo I bought.  Silver Holo.  Such an original name!  I still need to go back to pick up more.  Was going to go today, but I got to lazy, so I sat in my bedroom and played Assassin's Creed all day....yeah, no shame here!

These are all cloudy indoor pics.  And look how strong the holo is!

Any Assassin's Creed fans out there?  What are your thoughts on Connor?

Pure Ice Swatchfest!

Hi guys!  This will be along post, so be prepared!  I was able to find another handful of the new Pure Ice collection at the Wal-Mart by my house. First of all, all these velour finish polishes apply like butter!  Matte's can be difficult at times since they dry so quick, they can apply patchy, but I had no problems with any of them!

So lets get on with the swatches....this shit took me all morning! lol!

Draped - This is the one I was so excited for.  It's a hot, hot pink shimmer.  This also looked gorgeous with topcoat over it.

More after the break!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Urban Outfitter's - Green Holo

Hiya!  I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  Mine was.......not so great, lol!  Lets just say that we didn't eat till 7:30.  We will never again make a turkey.  So much arguing between my guy and his dad. sad, cause I LOVE Thanksgiving.  Oh well....

First off, can I say how difficult it is taking a picture of your  hand in direct sunlight when your BODY is in the way?!?  First world problems of a nail blogger!! lol!  Look how effed up my pics look!  I was also doing this in my vehicle on my lunch break, and I didn't want to get caught taking pics of my nails, lol!

This is Urban Outfitter's Green Holo.  Yes, UO has holo's!  They have three different colors.  A silver, the green and a pink. I did not pick up the pink, as these are $10.00 each.  I got lucky cause the person ringing me up charged me $4.00 each for these!?!  UO polishes are usually buy 2 for $8.00 on regular $5.00 polishes, well the girl who rang me up gave me this same deal, so I got both polishes for $4.00!  SCORE!  I should have got the damn pink one too!  Not that I need another pink holo....I think I will go back and see if I can get them that way again.  Then I could get them for a giveaway I've been promising for probably a year!

The formula was pretty nice on this.  First I swatched it on bare nails and it applied perfectly.  Once I applied it to my base coat though I got some of the weird holo dragging, but it wasn't too bad.

I actually found the color to look very blue at times.  I couldn't really tell if it was blue or green.  I think it's kinda right in the middle of the two colors.  I did get almost instant chipping with this one.  What is with holo's and chipping?!?  So annoying!

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE UO bottles?  I just love them!  I don't know why, they take up tons of space in my stash, but there's just something about them!

Have any of you picked this up?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!! Cult Nails - Flushed

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope everyone has fun plans with family and loved one's.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holiday's, we always use to spend it at my grandmothers house, and it was always very special.  It's as special since my grandfather passed away 7 years ago.  We now just kinda do our own thing when it comes to Thanksgiving.  We will be having Thanksgiving at my house with my guys dad.  I think cooking a turkey for three people is a bit overkill, but we were expecting his brother and sister-in-law to come to, but there is a nasty sounding sickness running through their house.  So whatever!

This is my Thanksgiving mani today.  I was so excited when Cult Nails new collection went on sale, I instantly purchased this one!  I received it yesterday after being shipped on Mon from Florida!  All the way across country in 3 days?!?  Awesome!

This is Flushed.  And it is as beautiful as all the pictures of it show!  This color actually reminds me of OPI's now iconic Every Month is Oktoberfest.  You know if you have that polish, that the first coat goes on kinda blue, purple.  Well that's what this color reminded me of, except that it says that color.  It's got that glows from within look to it which I love so much.

This is two coats.  I worried that it would be sheer at two coats but you can see it wasn't.  I wish I had wrapped my tips with two coats as it is kinda sheer at my tips.  It's one of those colors that's "dusty" around the edges.  And now that I'm looking at it at low lighting its actually changed color.  Its kinda a dark purple-y   burgundy, blue color?  Honestly, I can't explain this one at all!  Definitely looks much darker in low lighting that these pics show.

If you have this color, you must know what I mean right?!? LOL!

I'm so glad I own this polish, cause it is stunning!

And as an official Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, please watch this incredibly annoying Thanksgiving song!  I mean, who writes a Thanksgiving song?!?!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

OPI Skyfall collection - Swatches and review

Hi guys!  Hope you week has started off well.  My work week is all weird this week because of Thanksgiving and I have today off.  It feels like a Monday to me, and I know that my whole week is going to be all off now!

I told myself I wouldn't buy anything from this collection, but as you can see, I was wrong.

OPI Skyfall.  This is the namesake of the collection.  Its what I would call a brick red.  I actually have OPI Color called My Kind of Brown that looks very similar, except this one is more brown toned.

While this is a lovely cream, it had a weird formula.  The first coat went on streaky and the second coat evened it out.  What was weird is that once I applied topcoat, the topcoat kinda of "melted" for lack of a better word, the polish and left bald spots on my tips.  Weird.  

  HOLY CRAP is the only thing I can say about this one!  This is The Spy Who Loved Me.  This is a candy apple red with loads of gold shimmer.  The shimmer is very apparent in this, and it is beautiful!

This is the PERFECT red.  Its very flattering and I believe it would look good on any skin tone.

 On the second day (yes, this is another polish I wore more than one day) I added the Sephora by OPI It's Real 18K topcoat.

I thought it would add to the color, but it was just "meh".

And last but not least is Goldeneye.  This is the one polish from the collection I KNEW I needed, but I just ended up being "meh" about this one.  While I like it, it's just too, too gold on my skin tone.

The gold flakes in this are huge.  I had to remove with foil, and it was difficult to do cleanup due to the large flakes so I just said eff it, and didn't clean up.  I also have to note this polish stained like a bitch! 

I thought this color would be close to these golds I have.

From L to R Pros and Bronze, Goldeneye and Rising Star

But they weren't as close once applied.  From L to R - Rising Star, Goldeneye and Pros and Bronze.

Anybody have some fun Thanksgiving plans?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Pure Ice - Temptress

 I COULD NOT wait to show you all this polish, cause it is absolutely stunning!  This is one of the new Pure Ice polishes that just came out.  This one jumped out at my eyeballs on the stand, and I could not wait to get it home.

 This is Temptress.  Its one of the "velour" colors, which means its a matte/suede finish.  I got I think 4 other velour colors and they are all awesome, but this one?!?  Just look at it!  While the matte/suede/velour finish wasn't as strong on this one as it was on the others, but it is still lovely.

This color actually reminds me of a purple version of Zoya Crystal.  The base color is a nice royal purple with what I thought was gold shimmer.  But the shimmer turned out to be multi colored.  There is gold, blue, pink, maybe some green?  I dunno, but its gorg!

On the second day I did not want to take it off, so I applied topcoat.  And it was just as lovely, but maybe more so cause the shimmer came out even more!  Its rare for me to want to wear a polish for more than a day, I honestly think I've only worn a mani more than a day maybe 2....3 times this year?  So it says a lot when a polish is special enough for me to want to wear it two days in a row!

(FYI - the pics without topcoat are more color accurate than the ones with)

Have you guys seen these new Pure Ice colors?  If so, what colors have you picked up?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Essence - Alice Had a Vision - Again

Hi guys!  Quick post tonight as I'm just not at all motivated right now.  I feel like I'm going through way too many blogging ruts.  I get so excited to show you guys something, but then I'm too lazy to write anything, or an unhappy with how my pics turned out.  This polish is a fine example of when my pics don't turn out how I had hoped.  I do have to say, I've been taking some of my pics in the bathroom at work (weird, I know), cause for indoor, artificial lighting, it seems to work really well.

This is Essence's Alice Had a Vision....Again.  I saw these polishes about three weeks ago in store, and was just not interested in them.  They I had seen them again in Fred Meyer's and I actually picked up the bottle, and the shimmer screamed out "buy me!  buy me!" so I did.  I bought all the dark shimmers and left the gold there....its just not for me.

I had heard the formula was pretty thick on this, so I applied thinner before I had even tried it, so don't know how the original formula is, but it did look thick, so I think thinner is probably necessary.

The shimmer in this is ah-mazing!  I was actually able to get some pretty color accurate pics of this.  My camera kept wanting to change this to blue, but its really a dark, purple jelly base with loads of purple shimmer with hints of blue/teal shimmer.  In certain lights it changes to gold shimmer, so there is some aspect of a duochrome shimmer.

This one was so awesome.....I hope I feel the same about the others!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rimmel - Hard Edged

Hiya!  I swear, sometimes I feel like I never do anything on Saturdays.  I get home from work, and both my guy and me are too lazy to go do something!  It's such a lovely crisp fall day here in the PNW, and I really wanted to go out and do something....but nope, we have been watching YouTube video's all day.  Oh well, we are going out for happy hour here at least today wasn't a total waste!

Anywhoo, the color I'm showing you is a color I've wanted for about three months now, when Alizarine posted this lovely manicure.  I just about died.  Then I tried searching for it, only to realize we don't have the 60 Second line here anymore.  It made me sad.  Then in walk in Miranda of Miranda's Makeup & More.  She's currently having a blog sale (still has stuff listed too!), and I decided to check it out.  I usually skip these kinda thinks cause....well, I just do.  I happened to check this one out and there it was.  Rimmel Hard Edged.  I messaged her as quick as I could to see if she still had it, and yes!  Hard Edged was finally mine!

I thought this might not be that unique in my vampy shades collection with the likes of OPI's Every Month is Oktoberfest and Ger-manicure, and might be similar to ChG Midtown Magic, but alas, this is different than anything I own.  

This color consists of a blackened base with a dark burgundy shimmer with an almost green duochrome to it.  Its got a very dusty quality to it.   It was kinda dusty around the edges.  (Ignore the topcoat bubbles....I'm still having issues with my topcoats bubbling!).

Are you lucky enough to have this hidden gem in your collection?

On an unrelated note, my guy found this video while browsing YouTube, and I couldn't help but smile.  I love anything Middle Earth related (hey, I've always wanted to live there!).  And I'm super duper excited for The Hobbit!  I have to make sure to read it again before I watch the movie!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sephora by OPI - Sparkling Personality

Hi guys!  I have a lovely polish to show you today.  I actually got this on clearance at Sephora for $5.00 which I was excited about as I really wanted this polish when it came out.  Its not a very unusual polish, it actually looks a lot like the new Nicole by OPI polish that just came out All is Glam, All is Bright, which I actually own to.  I will try to remember to compare the two.

This is two easy coats of this fine micro glitter.  Yay for full coverage glitters!  The glitter consists of bright, sparkly silver glitter with some blue, fuchsia and gold/yellow micro glitter mixed in.

I'm so excited! I was able to find the new Pure Ice polishes at Walmart yesterday, and I can't wait to show you!  The one I'm wearing now is HOT!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Maybelline - Sapphire Masquerade

How bout one more post for today?  First of all, let me just say these pictures are not color accurate.  I could not get my camera to capture the true color of this polish.  Even though this polish is called Sapphire Masquerade, but it is actually a bright, royal purple.  Not blue.  It has large fuchsia hex glitter mixed in.

I actually applied a base coat of a pink cream thinking this polish would be sheer, but as you can see, it is not.  Now, lets talk about the formula.  The formula sucks big time.  This was like applying chunky, half dry, glue.  It was horrid!  I applied a second coat to level out the first coat, so I squeezed a shit ton of thinner, and it made it much easier to work with.  I also have to mention that the brush is ridiculously skinny.

But, I quite like the end result.  And please remember, this is bright purple!

Kiss Gradation Review

Hi guys!  I had to take the day off work cause I wasn't feeling well this morning.  I thought I might have to go to the hospital (I'm fine now), and my guy always surprises me with how sweet he is, and how concerned he gets.  For being Mr Tough-Guy most of the time, its always nice to see his sweet, caring side.

Today I'm going to review this kit I found the other day.  I found this on Monday at Wal-Mart.  I went looking for the new Pure Ice polishes (couldn't find, boo), but I found this instead.  They had three different kits, this pink one, a gold and a black/charcoal one.  Inside the box there's a brochure/instructions that also show a blue kit, but I did not see that.

(Sorry for the blurry pictures, my camera wouldn't focus).  On the back of the box, it explains how you use it.  So, as you can see, this kit includes three polishes.  The first polish you apply is the lightest polish, and let it dry.  Then you apply the second color which is the darkest, to the tips of your nails, and while its still wet, you apply the third polish which is a lighter, sheer glitter.  I loved the effect it gave.

NOW, I have to say this is not what the final mani will look like.  I wanted to tone down the glitter, so I created a "glitter sandwich" and added a sheer coat of polish using Essie Allure.

I REALLY liked the way this turned out.  I know it doesn't look like an obvious gradient, but it was much more so in real life.  My one complaint is that the brush on the first polish is totally wonky.  But I was able to polish with no problems.

I think I'm going to go pick up the other kits, cause I really like it.  These were only $6.97 (you know Walmart and their weird prices).  Have you seen these or picked these up?  I love that mainstream polishes are coming out with these kinds of nail art kits! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Butter London - Trout Pout

Good Monday!  I don't have plans today so I have a feeling I'm going to be playing Assassin's Creed III all day!  I told myself I wouldn't buy this game, as nothing can top the character Ezio, but sure enough, I couldn't stand it, and I bought it.

So this mani is from like two months ago.  I wanted this polish so bad when it came out, but I waited for the crazy good B1G1 sale from Ulta.  This is Butter London's Trout Pout.  It's a lovely salmon pink/coral.  It's simple, but I love these kinds of colors.

What are your plans this Monday?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Victoria's Secret - To Die For

Hi guys!  Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday.  We just got back from seeing Cloud Atlas, and let me just say, if you don't want to waste 3 hours of your time watching this movie.....just watch the preview.  It will tell you all you need to know about this movie.  About 30 minutes into it, I leaned over to my guy and said "I don't think I am going to understand any of this movie" and I didn't.  This movie made me feel completely stupid....I can't be the only one right?

Anyways, on to this beauty of a polish.  This is To Die For from Victoria's Secret.  This polish is stunning.  My pictures don't to this gorgeous polish justice.  Its got large flakes of....well *something* in here.  I can't tell what color they are.

The color is a vibrant red that flashes almost fuchsia in some lights.  The formula was also lovely, and this was an easy two coats.

I thought the closeup would help determine what colors the large flakes are, but I still can't tell.....and you can't even see them.  Oh well!  And ignore the large topcoat bubble you see.  I've been having issues with my topcoats of late!

If you went to see Cloud Atlas, I would love to know your thoughts.  Was the person with the birthmark supposed to be the same person in a different life?  So many questions!  So many questions!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Piggy Polish - Lightmare

Hi guys!  Hope you all had a great Halloween.  Ours was pretty quite.  We didn't get many kids this year.  We had pretty shitty weather so I kinda expected it, but I think some of the problem is that we live on a steep hill, and I think some people just don't want to walk up it.  Needless to say we have TONS of candy left over....blerg!

Anyways, I was so excited for Halloween so that I could finally wear this polish!  I bought it a couple weeks ago and I must say, I LOVE it!  This is Piggy Polish Lightmare.  It's a charcoal glitter with larger orange hex glitter in it.  The base polish actually reminds me of one of the polishes I wore last Halloween.  It's super blingy too.  I loved it so much, I wore it two days!

 If you follow me on Instagram (glitter_n_unicorns) you will have seen the start of my brooch bouquet.  It's been so much fun to make, but wow is it becoming expensive!  I went into bidding wars on Ebay for brooch lots.  It gets crazy!  I think I have enough brooches since it's not a full on brooch bouquet.  With about 20-25 brooches, this sucker is heavy!  I couldn't imagine how heavy full on brooch bouquets are.  I can't wait to see what it looks like completed.