Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Essence - Grey-t To Be Here

Its no secret that I LOVE Essence polishes.  I heart the eff out of them!  Their shimmers are always unique.  I've been basically stalking my local Fred Meyers for over a month now, waiting for them to get the new Colour and Go collection in.  Well today I visited 2.  One had a new Special Effects polish called Mrs and Mr Glitter which I picked up.  The other one must have JUST put out the Colour and Go collection cause it was totally full, and no bottles were missing.  Sweet!  I picked up 4 C&G colors and a "Glowing in the Dark" topper (which by the way, does not glow in the dark...but it glows under blacklight, lame!).  I also noticed 2 other Special Effects topcoats plus a new glitter crackle.  So check it out!

The first one I chose to wear is Grey-t To Be Here.  I HAD to put this one on right away.  It is stunning in the bottle.  Its got bright fuchsia shimmer that turns from red to gold.  Contrary to what these pictures portray, the shimmer DOES translate to the nail and its much more apparent in the sun.

Sorry about the tiny bubble....the woes of painting your nails with air conditioning!

You might not be able to tell, but the new C&G polishes not only come in a new bottle, but the bottle is also larger.  The old bottles were 0.16fl.oz / 5ml and the new ones are 0.27fl.oz / 8ml.  They also feature a new brush as well.  They have a brush similar to some of the Sally Hansen polishes, the curved brush.  I have to say I LOVE curved brushes.  I know some people hate them, but I happen to love them.  AND, the one nice thing about these curved brushes, is that the base for the brush is narrower than the bottle so you don't scrape polish off when redipping it into the bottle like you do with the Sally Hansen's (I'm looking at you stupid Insta-Dry's!!).

I can't wait to buy more! The other colors I got were: Walk on the Wild Side which is a nice hunter green with green shimmer.  Date in the Moonlight which is a dark smokey navy with indigo shimmer.  And Gorgeous Bling Bling (lol at that name!!) which is a rust with large gold and copper flakes, its really stunning.

Have you guys seen these around yet?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Review - Kirkland 9-Piece Essential Travel Set plus a makeup look!

Ahh Costco.  We always spend way too much money there.  Thankfully we only go there maybe every 3-4 months.  Its usually when we are out of toilet paper or paper towels.....or my fiance's deodorant. There are some essentials that we get there like toothpaste and bulk ketchup (what can I say, we eat lots of tatertots!).

I've always read good reviews of the brush sets they have, but the ones I've run across always looked cheap.  Then I saw this one there the other day and picked it up, and I could tell this one was better made.  AND it was only $14.99.  What a deal!

It comes with 8 brushes and a case.

From L to R: Powder brush, shadow/concealer, blush, crease, foundation, angled shadow and lip brush.

They are very nice quality.  The base is a shiny gunmetal with the Kirkland Signature logo on one side. 

On the clear handle on the otherside has the brush label.

The brush case is nice quality with a pinky/lavender lining.

It also comes with a booklet with tips for how to use the brushes.

The one weird thing though is the "concealer" brush is labeled as a shadow brush.  All over the package its labeled as a concealer brush.  I'm sure you can use it for both, but since I don't wear concealer, I will just use it for shadow.

The back of the packaging.

My honest thoughts on these brushes is that they are really very nice quality for how cheap they are.  I only found 1 or 2 to be kinda scratchy, but not scratchy as to be uncomfortable.  I also don't see any shedding at all.  I love the size of these brushes. I have other travel size brushes that are so tiny, I just can't use them.  I think I will find myself actually using these everyday.  I love the crease and angled shadow brushes, I find they blend very well.  I highly recommend this set.

On to the makeup look!  I have not worn bright makeup for months.  I guess I just haven't felt like it, I dunno. But I pulled out my UD 15th Anniversary edition palette and came up with this.

I like it!  Though I'm sure I've done something quite similar. 

And these are my nails from the other day.  I wore Zoya Ibiza with a coat of Pure Ice Heartbreaker over top.  You know what this reminded me of?  You know the paint jobs bumper cars have?  That kind of glitter from within look?  That's what these colors reminded me of!

Super random post huh??  Has anyone else picked up this brush set?

NYC - Peach Sparkle

Hi guys!  So I *might* have slept for 11 hours strait last night.  And when I say might, it actually means I did.  Hey, I'm not embarrassed!  I really needed to catch up on some sleep!  It felt good, it really did!

Anyways.  I want to show you a polish I HAD to get my hands on.  I saw swatches of this on another blog and I literally got in my car, and drove to Rite Aid (ok, so no I didn't actually do that, but I wanted to!).

This is NYC's Peach Sparkle.  This is everything I wanted this polish to be.  I mean really, coral AND gold shimmer?!?  Get in my basket now!!!

I seriously love this polish, look at the sparkle in the shade!

Ugg, its so gorgeous, I really have no other words!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rainbow Honey's A Little Kindness

Hiya!  I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!  I have the WHOLE week off next week!  I'm going to Lake Tahoe at the end of next week for my cousin's wedding.  She's the first of us '82 girls to get married.  There are 5 of us that were all born in '82, and all but one of us are engaged.  I'm lucky that I have a huge family that are all very close.  I LOVE my family like crazy, so I'm super excited to see everyone!

Anyways, I wore this a couple weeks ago.  This is Rainbow Honey's A Little Kindness over Julep's Pippa.  I did two accent nails on both hands, pinky and ring on my left hand, and index and middle on my right.

Yup.....not crazy about it.  I don't know why!  I have 5 of these Rainbow Honey polishes and so far, I only love 1.  I've worn all of them too.  I wanted to love these, I really did.  Oh well!

Question of the day: What is your favorite summer cruising music?  Personally I cruise to Silversun Pickups and Sia.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Layla - Coral Glam

Hello!!  I swear I have posted, and worn this color before....but I might be crazy!  Anyways, I'm sure everyone has already seen these colors, but I will add to it.  Is everyone excited about all the holo's that are coming out?  I know I am.  I really hope the new Color Club holo's have a nice formula.  I really hate the draggy holo's like this one.

 This is Layla's Coral Glam.  Its a nice peachy type of coral.  I wouldn't actually call it coral.

Ugg....can someone make a holo eyeliner?!?  That would be awesome!


Even with indoor lighting its pretty holo.  You will see a bald patch on my pinky.....and this is after 3 coats of the stupid draggy formula holo.  I hate dragging!!  Oh well, its worth it!

Anyone else super excited for all the holo collections?  Which are you most excited for?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Most Awesome Gradient Ever!!

Good evening guys!  I'm so excited to show you my nails today!  I had to put in a break cause there were literally too many pictures!

I wanted to do something different.  So I said to myself - "self, I don't think I have ever seen a duochrome gradient before, lets try it!".  So that's what I did.  

I used two duochromes that had similar base colors but different flash.  I used Models Own Aqua Violet and the HTF Sally Hansen's Nail Prism in Turquoise Opal on the tips.

What I thought would be an eh mani, turned into a WOW!!  You know when you look at a really awesome duochrome in the bottle, but it doesn't turn out like that on your nails?  Well this looked totally awesome duochrome outside of the bottle!  AND, it didn't even look like a gradient at all.

More pics after the jump!

Monday, July 23, 2012

A dark purple neon?!? Yes please!!

Hi guys!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  We babysat our niece again. my brother-in-law dropped her off around 9am, so my guy had her for the whole morning while I was at work.  When I got home at around 1:00, he looked sooo tired!  He was playing kids movies like Rainbow Brite and Care Bears.....he wouldn't even let me watch it with the sound on!!  Yes, I did want to watch the Care Bears movie!

Anyways, I know you guys saw this pic in your blogfeed and said WTF kind of picture is that?!?  I had to fool around with the settings on my camera to get this color accurate pic.  (note, my skin is not color accurate, lol!!)

Your also saying to yourself  "isn't a dark neon an oxymoron??".  Yes, I believe it is, whatever!

This is an Urban Outfitters polish is Bandeau.  I've had it for months, and I finally slapped it on yesterday, and it makes me wonder why I waited so long!  Its freaking awesome!

I applied it to my toes first, and I was like whoa!!  The formula is awesome!  It dries matte, and super fast.  For my fingers, I applied it over a white base coat cause I wanted it brighter.  It looks fantastic over white.

This is the color my camera wanted to turn it!

You know what this color reminds me of?  A purple Revlon Royal Navy.  Its got that squishy, jelly finish that I love!

Anyone ever pleasantly surprised by a polish they have had for a while but never wanted to wear?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Nail Spam #3

How bout a spam post tonight?

To see the first two spam post click here and here.

Milani Orchidia

When I first saw pics of this color I knew I HAD to have it.  And it didn't let me down.  I am loving these kinds of purples.  This reminds me of Essie Play Date with shimmer.

Nicole by OPI Purple Yourself Together

I also felt that I NEEDED this color.  Common, those of you that follow me know how much I love gold shimmer in anything, and I LOVE this one!  I knew I had to have it even though it comes in the hideous NOPI bottle!  lol

Orly Glowstick

Whoowee!!  Look at that!  I am seriously in love with neon's this summer.  I have bought a lot over the last few months.  This color I did not want to take off....but I didn't think it was very work appropriate, lol!

I am also loving my nail shape in this pic.

Orly Lollipop

I am seriously in love with this color.  Its sort of a dusty pink with a hint of purple, and it looks AMAZING on my toes!  I'm usually a bright toe person, but this looks so fantastic on my toes, I've worn it 2 times already.

I added a coat of Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the Air.

Orly Prelude to a Kiss w/OPI Pirouette my Whistle

This was such a fantastic combo.  I loved it so much.  Every once in a while I have the urge to buy a back up bottle of a polish, and I really feel that way about PmW, its such a lovely polish.  The Orly is a great polish too, its very soft and feminine.

Sephora by OPI Too Too with Jordan Glitters Fairy Dust

Such a nice bright pink creme.  AND, it's scented!

Zoya Apple

For whatever reason, I skipped on picking this color up last year when it was released.  Probably cause greens and I don't get along.  This one did actually get along with me though, and I really like it.

Zoya Lotus with Jordana Glitters in Celebration

Zoya Myrta

Zoya Tracie

Zoya Zuza

Have a great evening!