Friday, December 21, 2012

Sinful Colors Cinderella feat. Sally Hansen's Snow Globe

Yay!  We survived the end of the world! lol!  Hope everyone had a good week!  I need to finish my Christmas shopping.  Still trying to find a cute "baby's first Christmas" for my niece.  I can't seem to find a cute one!  I'm too picky!

Do you guys ever have one of those mani's where you think you don't like it, but in fact love it?  This mani was one of those.

I'm wearing the infamous Sinful Color's Cinderella.  I actually thought I would never buy this.  I would pick it up and say "meh" even with the gorgeous shimmer.  Well I can eat my words cause it is stunning!  I did find the formula weird, it was sheer and thick at the same time.

I topped it with the lovely polish you see above.  Sally Hansen Snow Globe.  I thought it was similar to China Glaze Snow Globe, but it is quite different.

I haven't even heard of Sally Hansen Snow Globe.  I found one random bottle at a local Bartell's hiding all by itself. I LOVE it though.  Can't wait to see what this looks like over other colors.


  1. I just saw Snow Globe for the first time a couple of days ago at my local CVS, I think it's part of the new reformulated Complete Salon Manicure core collection. And I want it so badly! It looks gorgeous over Cinderella, this was a great pairing! It would be so cute for a Christmas manicure.

  2. What a gorgeous combination! x

  3. I would not have guessed this was from any collection, it was literally thrown in one of those plastic fishbowl containers, and I could not find any others. It was weird!

  4. Such a lovely combo. Cinderella is gorgeous, but it is that formula that kills me. Sheer and goopy is not the best :(

  5. It's such a weird formula for a polish, sheer and goopy? Oh well, its a lovely polish. I'm sure I will wear it again.


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