Monday, December 10, 2012

Sephora Pantone - Parachute Purple

How in the world is it almost 12:00?!?  Wow, ultra lazy Monday morning!  We had a pretty fun weekend.  We stopped off at a BevMo store to begin with.  Anyone ever been there?  I've never even heard of it.  It recently made it's debut here in Washington.  They are apparently putting a store here in my home town which is awesome.  Right now the closest store is about a 25 minute freeway drive away.  Anyways, it's a HUGE store full of unique liquor and beer.  I was in beer heaven there!  You might have seen the IG photo I took of ONE aisle.  There were aisle's upon aisle's of microbrewery offerings.  I was hoping to find my favorite beer ever, but alas, they did not have it. I will have to resort to getting it at expensive prices at the Whole Foods just down from my house.  Anyways, if you have a location near your house, you should check it out.  They had good prices on beer, and they even had a $2,000 bottle of bourbon.  You know, something for everyone! lol.

Gah, can you tell I like beer?!?  Anyways, this purple beauty is Parachute Purple.  I was able to find this on clearance at the Sephora in my local JC Penney's for $5.00.  I find it weird that the JCP stores have different clearance than the regular Sephora stores.

Is this color not gorgeous?!?  It's an almost dusty blue/purple with gorgeous teal shimmer.  It was seriously, seriously gorgeous!  My bottle was a little thick, but that's cause I think someone opened it and tested it, and it wasn't sealed all the way.  Grrr, I hate when people do that!  Common, Sephora uses testers!

I seriously can't believe how fast my nails grow.  It seems like just a couple weeks ago I cut down to nubbins, now they look like this.  I know, first world problems right?  Nails that grow fast and healthy?  What can I say, I wasn't always so lucky!  Now if I could only shape them the way I want!


  1. This color is really gorgeous! You know, I do not have any colors from this line. I need to change that.

    My nails grow so fast too which is a little annoying because I like to keep them pretty short. Mine are so hard that if they break they just snap off. Odd!

  2. I don't know how many colors were in this line, but I think they are discontinuing them since they were on clearance.

    I can't seem to figure out a regular length for me. I like them both ways. Mine are so hard they just snap too. I would rather take that then the soft, peeling nails I use to have. Gotta love Nail Envy!

  3. This reminds me of Scrangie! I love the looks of it on you :).

  4. This is a really pretty color! Also... I can't believe you've never been to a BevMo! I guess I just assumed they were everywhere. It's pretty magical, right?

  5. Thank you! There is a little difference between the two, but I'll be happy with this if I can't get Scrangie.

  6. OMG, I walked in and was in heaven! When I walked in I literally looked over to my guy and said "I'm in heaven!". From what I see, they are mostly in CA, but they now have two here in WA, and are apparently are building one right down the road! So excited!


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