Saturday, December 8, 2012

Orly Tempting Tea Rose feat. Cirque's Galinda

Hiya!  How are you all?  Yay for it being Saturday!  I think me and my guy are going to go look at some Christmas lights.  We're just having a hard time figuring out where to go right now.  So we'll see!

So I found this color the other day at TJ Maxx.  I've never heard of Orly Color Blast.  I asked around on PAA, and there wasn't much info there ether.  But whatever, I REALLY love this color!

If you've followed this blog long enough, you might know that I don't buy many creme polishes.  I'm sorta in the "well I have a similar creme polish, I don't need this one".  But when it comes to shimmers, all bets are off, I usually end up with lots of similar shimmers.  Well my one weakness when it comes to cremes?  Colors like Orly's Tempting Tea Rose.

I went through a period in the late 90's where I had LOTS of colors like this.  I still remember what sparked my never ending quest to find the perfect sheerish, white/light pink.  Carmen Electra.  Yeah, you heard it.  I remember seeing her in a magazine or something and she had these perfect nails...ugg, just thinking of it drives me crazy!  I STILL have not found that *perfect* color like hers.  I've come close, and really, if this color was more sheer, it might be *perfect*!

What I LOVE about this color is the slight pinkness to it.  Keeps it from being to stark.  I just love it!

After a day, I didn't want to take the color off, so I applied Cirque's Galinda.  Obviously this glitter is very subtle over such a light base color.  I thought it was pretty.

I think I'm going to try wearing this over a nude base.  I think it might have a lace type feel.

Gah!!  Lookit how gorgeous it looks in the bottle!  This polish consists of large matte white hex with smaller matte white hex glitter.  It also contains the same veeeerrrrry fine holo shimmer that XX and Debris has in it.  There's also larger iridescent glitter in the mix as well.  It's lovely, just lovely I tell you!

If you guys follow me on Instragram (you can find me at glitter_n_unicorns) you will have seen my most recent purchase using the $15.00 Beauty Insider gift card from Sephora.  I FINALLY got the UD Naked Palette 2!  I've been waffling on is since it came out.  I thought it would be too close to the original Naked palette to justify having both.  Well I'm happy I finally got it, cause it is quite different, and it will definitely get some good use!  So hopefully I will have some upcoming looks with it!

I'm curious to know what you guys got with your $15.00 Sephora gift card?


  1. oh man dont tell me about Naked 2, I am/was waffling on it too!! the polish looks gorgeous!

  2. This is such a pretty polish! It looks great on you, and it looks like fresh fallen snow with the Galinda as a topper!

  3. Thank you! I agree, looked very much like snow with the white glitter. I guess I'm hopeful to get some snow soon!

  4. Well if you like the original Naked palette, I think you would like it! I think its totally worth it.

  5. Love the color! Look like a nice soft white...

  6. I love it too! I am seriously crazy over colors like this.


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