Tuesday, November 20, 2012

OPI Skyfall collection - Swatches and review

Hi guys!  Hope you week has started off well.  My work week is all weird this week because of Thanksgiving and I have today off.  It feels like a Monday to me, and I know that my whole week is going to be all off now!

I told myself I wouldn't buy anything from this collection, but as you can see, I was wrong.

OPI Skyfall.  This is the namesake of the collection.  Its what I would call a brick red.  I actually have OPI Color called My Kind of Brown that looks very similar, except this one is more brown toned.

While this is a lovely cream, it had a weird formula.  The first coat went on streaky and the second coat evened it out.  What was weird is that once I applied topcoat, the topcoat kinda of "melted" for lack of a better word, the polish and left bald spots on my tips.  Weird.  

  HOLY CRAP is the only thing I can say about this one!  This is The Spy Who Loved Me.  This is a candy apple red with loads of gold shimmer.  The shimmer is very apparent in this, and it is beautiful!

This is the PERFECT red.  Its very flattering and I believe it would look good on any skin tone.

 On the second day (yes, this is another polish I wore more than one day) I added the Sephora by OPI It's Real 18K topcoat.

I thought it would add to the color, but it was just "meh".

And last but not least is Goldeneye.  This is the one polish from the collection I KNEW I needed, but I just ended up being "meh" about this one.  While I like it, it's just too, too gold on my skin tone.

The gold flakes in this are huge.  I had to remove with foil, and it was difficult to do cleanup due to the large flakes so I just said eff it, and didn't clean up.  I also have to note this polish stained like a bitch! 

I thought this color would be close to these golds I have.

From L to R Pros and Bronze, Goldeneye and Rising Star

But they weren't as close once applied.  From L to R - Rising Star, Goldeneye and Pros and Bronze.

Anybody have some fun Thanksgiving plans?


  1. These are all gorgeous colors! I haven't picked any of the Skyfall collection up, but I did see the movie and really enjoyed that! No big Thanksgiving plans, but my dad is out visiting which is nice :)

  2. I thought goldeneye would be my fav too but it definitely was a little bit of a let down! Love the others though :)

  3. I really need The Spy Who Loved Me!

  4. GOLDEN EYEEEEEE!! I am loving this!!! I'm bummed to learn it's a stainer. I think it looks good on you!

  5. The Spy Who Loved Me is really gorgeous. I think I definitely need a couple polishes from this collection!

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  7. Goldeneye is a pain to clean up for sure. I'm still remember the cleanup after my bonded manicure and trying to get it off from under the nail. Now I stick to creams/shimmer rather than flakes for the underside. I'm surprised it stained the nails for you, I guess I was lucky that it didn't for me...

  8. I heard the movie was good, but I will probably wait till it comes out on Netflix, I've never been a huge James Bond fan!

  9. Nothing worse than being really excited for a polish just to find it not all it was cracked up to be! Oh well!

  10. Yes you do Deborah! It looks like a color you would wear.

  11. I was shocked that it stained, and it stained as bad as it did!

  12. Yes it is! I think everyone needs a red like this in their collection!

  13. First thing I thought when I saw your bonded mani was how difficult it must have been when you were ready to take it off, to get all the flakes out from under your nails. I was surprised it stained too. It was really odd!

  14. I had stragglers there for days... Oh well, pretty while it lasted :D


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