Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kiss Gradation Review

Hi guys!  I had to take the day off work cause I wasn't feeling well this morning.  I thought I might have to go to the hospital (I'm fine now), and my guy always surprises me with how sweet he is, and how concerned he gets.  For being Mr Tough-Guy most of the time, its always nice to see his sweet, caring side.

Today I'm going to review this kit I found the other day.  I found this on Monday at Wal-Mart.  I went looking for the new Pure Ice polishes (couldn't find, boo), but I found this instead.  They had three different kits, this pink one, a gold and a black/charcoal one.  Inside the box there's a brochure/instructions that also show a blue kit, but I did not see that.

(Sorry for the blurry pictures, my camera wouldn't focus).  On the back of the box, it explains how you use it.  So, as you can see, this kit includes three polishes.  The first polish you apply is the lightest polish, and let it dry.  Then you apply the second color which is the darkest, to the tips of your nails, and while its still wet, you apply the third polish which is a lighter, sheer glitter.  I loved the effect it gave.

NOW, I have to say this is not what the final mani will look like.  I wanted to tone down the glitter, so I created a "glitter sandwich" and added a sheer coat of polish using Essie Allure.

I REALLY liked the way this turned out.  I know it doesn't look like an obvious gradient, but it was much more so in real life.  My one complaint is that the brush on the first polish is totally wonky.  But I was able to polish with no problems.

I think I'm going to go pick up the other kits, cause I really like it.  These were only $6.97 (you know Walmart and their weird prices).  Have you seen these or picked these up?  I love that mainstream polishes are coming out with these kinds of nail art kits! 


  1. Wow, that turned out really pretty!!

  2. Such a lovely manicure! I love this gradient ♥.

  3. I saw this at Walmart last week and put it back because I thought I could recreate it at home with what I already have...but after seeing your finished mani I am second guessing that decision. Love this!

  4. I really like it too! I almost didn't get it, but I really like the end result, and I know I'm going to go back and get the others.

  5. Thanks Deborah! I like how this turned out too.

  6. Thanks Jamie! I really happen to like this kit. I almost already want to wear it again!

  7. I just did mine with the gold and I love it, I also have the pink though. the effect is so much better than just a flat polish


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